Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Bagel Pizza

Tuesday 31st July

Breakfast was a banana and a slice of fresh bread & butter.

Lunch was enormous, 3 plums, 1 peach, 1 cheese roll (the sort baked with cheese on top iykwim) had as 2 halves with philly on, and a couple of handfulls of blueberries.

Supper was the reasonably popular red pesto & mushroom pizza bagel. These were followed by some strawbs! yummy!


Mel x

Monday, 30 July 2007

An underwater photo shoot

Monday 30th July

A change in breakfast today! A banana and 3 dates (lovely majool dates!)

After George's aqua babies underwater photo shoot we rushed home for a very late lunch of vegetable muffins and a tomato. He ate 3.5, so not bad going!

Supper was a cheese omlette and a plum. I do like it when he has an omlette! lol


Mel x

ps - sorry for being so rubbish at updating, I knew I had photo's to update, but lost the connector thing for the camera! Have added a pic to the Jelly thread too!

Another picnic!

Sunday 29th July

I seem to think Dh gave George toast & jam - but maybe he had the jam and George just plain toast! More likely than not he also had a banana!

We had another picnic today as we went walking in the Peak District. George had a ham sandwich, some dates, and a bit of a yoghurt!

Supper was a real treat, not so much in content but in location - the garden! yay yaya!

George had gnocchi with the left over sauce, but I jazzed it up a bit with a few peas. He made a right old mess, but again managed quite a lot with his fork.


Mel x

Stockley Farm

Saturday 28th July

Breakfast was the usual - wel, except for the second banana!

We had a picnic at Stockley Farm (which is excellent if you are ever in Cheshire!), but George mainly had prunes, dates and a bit of dh's sandwich. I thought that was pretty good after the massive breakfast. He also had some blueberry and bilberry ice cream!

He had a tin of beef ravioli for supper once again - the organix baby one from asda!


Mel x

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Gnocchi again!

Friday 27th July

George had toast & a banana here and a banana at Grandma's too! Where does it all go?

Lunch was a wholemeal seaded bun with philly and roast ham - but he apparently picked out the ham! He was unimoressed with a bit of pork pie (which are gross so I understand totally!). He tried some cheddar and tomatoes and did eat some blueberries and strawberries and half an egg custard tart!

He then drank his warm milk whilst dancing - PMSL!!

I did him a supper of gnocchi with a tomato & mascarpone sauce with added grated cheese, which he couldn't eat fast enough! He then finised again with some more grapes! What a mamoth eating day today has been!


Mel x

Very Ill Mummy!

Thursday 26th July...

eugh, feel like rubbish!

Breakfast was a banana, on it's own!

Lunch was a pear, 1.5 teacakes and a small bit of mummy's pizza! All eaten as a livingroom picnic.

Supper was a tin of asda kids beef ravioli - which he loved apparently! He then had some grapes.


Mel x

All sorts of everything!

Wednesday 25th July

A split breakfast once more, toast at home and a banana at Grandma's!

Lunch was pasta & ham with red pesto, which he ate some of but not loads. He then tried a small piece of chicken, a piece of spinach, bacon & cheese on croute (??), had some blueberries and grapes too!

He is now drinking warm milk at Grandma's though!

For supper he had 3 plums, an apple and an orange - I was out but dh was on strict instructions not to give bread! lol


Mel x

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

A Rusholme Curry - Part II

Tuesday 24th July

A return to usual of breakfast! Only change was it was fresh bread! lol

Lunch was beans near toast (I don't like soggy bread!!PMSL). George liked the beans from a fork, but wasn't interested in the bread. He had a half hearted suck on some orange segments too!

For supper we went to Rusholme for a curry. George ate veggie samosas, and naan bread. He ha some veggie koftas too, but was full by then I think so we have bought them home to try tomorrow! lol

I feel today has been lacking in fruit really, but he has had veggies so I guess it is okay!


Mel x

Fruity Jelly

Monday 23rd July

Out of blogging shame George today had toast & prunes, just for the change!

lunch was a complete non-starter again. I made pasta in ricotta & spinach but it went straight on the floor. In the end all he ate was about 2/3 of a banana.

Supper was a right old mish mash. I did a veggie quiche & a bacon and onion quiche and George ate a bit of both. I pan roasted a few tomatoes in balsamic, and they went down okay. He ate the steamed peas, but rejected the steamed spinach. He was indifferent about the potato's!

What he did like was pudding. I made veggie Jellies with strawns and blueberries in! He ate 2! lol


Mel x

Sunday, 22 July 2007

A new BBQ

Sunday 22nd July

don't even need to mention breakfast now do I!!!

Lunch was a bit of a non-starter. He slept from 12 - 2, and was not really keen on anything. He had a bit of a pear and a small amount of plum.

I bought a new BBQ today, boyed up by a momentary break in the cloud. DH & George had lamb koftas, pork sausages and then salads. Again, George wasn't really interested in much, though he seemed to like feta cheese and he definately liked raw peas! He was most interested in the bread roll though, even tomatoes were ignored. Very odd, think it might be teeth again!


Mel x

Only on boy got my attention today......

Saturday 21st July

.....and his name was Harry! DH was in charge as well today! lol

breakfast was as usual.

Lunch was another tin of veggie filled ravioli from asda on toast, he seems to really like this stuff!

Supper was fruit only in the end. DH tried to give him chicken burgers, but he wasn't interested. I will regain the helm of the food ship once I have finished Harry! lol


Mel x

a whole lot of wholemeal

Wednesday 20th July

A very grumpy boy was dispatched to Grandma's with no breakfast! She gave him the usual on his arrival though.

For lunch she gave him philly on wholemeal toast, one tomato and none of the offered fruit! grr. He did eat a yoghurt, and there was a spoon involved (& a dish) but not sure how he managed it! lol

Dh gave him crackers with dairy lea - not a million miles from lunch really, but dh wouldn't thinlk to look in the book & I was on a works do! Oh well. He had some fruit too, but dh is no longer sure what!


Mel x

Thursday, 19 July 2007

What a grown up boy

Thursday 19th July

Breakfast today was a banana, half a suck on a pear and half a crust of toast!

We went for a picnic with M & her mummy as it was absolutely glorious today here. George was quite grim really, and ate philly straight out of the tub on his finger! Eugh! He also ate strawbs, grapes & blueberries - oh and a bit of a breadstick too!

For supper though he put on a good show! We made him filled tortellini (garlic & herb) with spinach & ricotta. I forgot to say he has not been using suction cups on bowls for a couple of weeks, but today he had no suction bowl, no bib and a fork. And he ate all his pasta with the fork and none got on his top! Woo hoo! I helped him spear some of the more tricky pasta but he did lots totally alone too! He finished off with some lychees.


Mel x

ps - the office Jnr liked nectarine but asked if plums were meant to be eaten! lol

Half a ton of lunch I would guess!

Wednesday 18th July

The only difference with breakfast today was it was taken in 2 parts, toast at home and banana at Grandma's. lol

Lunch appears to have been pasta in a tomato & basil sauce, strawberries, grapes, banana, tomato & red pepper (??!!).

Very oddly, he is still refusing to entertain milk at Grandma's - but is happily drinking cows milk here now! V odd.

Supper was done by DH and very oddly appears to consist of plums & prunes! Yes, only!


Mel x

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Veggie Sausage Rolls

Tuesday 17th July

Breakfast - as before!!

For lunch I made veggie sausage rolls. Both George & M seemed nt that interested in them tbh - so I resorted to fruit. Nectarines were a hit, raspberries less so!

After swimming George seemed hungry enough to eat 4 sausage rolls, and also 2 pesto & ricotta puffs! He finished off with some raspberries and a pear too!


Mel x

Monday, 16 July 2007


Monday 17th July

no change in the breakfast menu!

At lunch George ended up with a bit of a mis match! He had 3 leftover veggie muffins, then a thing of great wierdness. I made a single egg omlette, but flat not puffy. I then spread philly on it, and rolled it loke a sushi pancake roll. He seemed to like it. He also had a yoghurt.

I made some garlic & herb tortellini with ricotta and spinach. I made loads, but he only had 1 bowlful. He also had 4 lychees - personally I am deeply suspicious of lychees, but George seemed to like them!


Mel x

ps - I found out the other day that my 19 year old office jnr has only ever tried (fruit wise) apples, bananas and grapes. Not even a strawberry! I have no idea how this can be, especially when I think of the fruit George eats. I have therefore made it my mission to get him to try a new fruit a week! Wish me luck! x

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Croissants & not much else

Sunday 16th July

dh gave George some toast when he got up with him this morning, but they went on a mission for croissants when I got up and George ate 2 massive plain croissants at about 11am.

He then ate no lunch, which was to be expected I guess.

He also ate no supper, and then was a little sick. I hope it is nothing - fingers crossed lovely readers!


Mel x

Can a Burger King ever be healthy?

Saturday 15th July

For some reason, after dh had got up with George and done the whole toast & banana thing he went back to bed abandoning me with George! In the end he had more toast with me! This time with marmite on.

After a trip to buy a big boy's car seat my hungover cravings for rubbish won and we went to BK. We got George some grapes and apples, and he ate some bun from his very dubious looking (and hastily removed) veggie burger. Thank god he ate so much breakfast! lol. He also had some milk!

We went from there to his friend's birthday party...so he had an early supper of cheese spread sandwiches and half a rice cake! All this meant he was too full to eat much of his croma pizza - so daddy finished it off. He did find room though for mascarpone! lol


Mel x

bad mother

Friday 13th July.....oohhh!

Well, today is one of those rare mummy days off! George had toast and a banana for breakfast, and then was dispatched to dh's office again.

But I was on a leaving do from work, and I got home long after George was in bed....so I have no idea what he had to eat all day!

normal service begins again soon!


Mel x

Cheese Omlette

Thursday 12th July

okay okay, so the toast & a banana is as boring as just the banana on its own! lol

As I am so late in writing this up I can no longer remember what George had for lunch.

What I do remember is that dh made George a cheese onlette for supper, and he ate it all. He used to love omlettes and then suddenly went off them and totally refused to entertain one. They are such an easy meal, and so protein packed I am glad to see them back!


Mel x

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

dh in charge!

Wednesday 11th July

Well, MIL is still on hols, so dh took the day off work to mind George.

He just had a banana for breakfast, with some bits of my toast.

Lunch was a slice of bread & butter, as he apparently threw everything else on the floor.

Supper was best part of half a pineapple, 2 left over cheese scones with philly, and 2 yeo valley yoghurt tubes.

Not bad I guess - especially as he also managed to put on a load of nappies to wash too! The house looks like a bomb has exploded in it, but at least there will be clean nappies! lol


Mel x

Cheese Scones

Tuesday 10th July

Breakfast was same as!

We had lunch at M's today, and her mummy had made homemade gnocchi with a yummy tomato sauce. We also had herby brown bread. Well George couldn't get enough of it! M too. It was delicious though. Mummies had cake for dessert, and babies had strawberries and blueberries. It is the most I have seen George eat at lunch for ages!

For supper I made him cheese scones, which were delicious. I will post a pic & a recipe when I remember! He finished off with some grapes and raspberries. A very good food day all round!


Mel x

Monday, 9 July 2007

Italy Pie

Monday 9th July

It may be possible that George had 2 slices of toast again for breakfast, along with a banana.

He had a humzinger not long before lunch because I had a cuppa and some biscuits - naughty mummy.

Lunch was a non-starter again really. He had a little cheese, about 3/4 of a pear and a couple of prunes. But breakfast is so massive I guess a small lunch is to be expected.

For supper I made Italy Pie - I named it because it was white, red & green! lol. It was filled with chicken, flagolet beans, corgettes, mushrooms and broccoli. I made a yummy 2 cheese sauce too. I am so proud to say - GEORGE ATE BROCOLLI!!!! I also made spicy potato wedges, which he was indifferent to. But they were yummy! Should I remember what I did, and if anyone is interested I will share the recipes! lol He also had some grapes and a tangerine for dessert.


Mel xxxx

ps - most of supper eaten with a fork - v exciting!

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Mummies Cherries

Sunday 8th July

George managed a massive 2 slices of toast and a banana for breakfast this morning! But, in saying that he refused his lunch, including mummies home grown cherries (which were very bitter to be fair!)

He refused my polenta for supper, and in the end ate fruit - half a punnet of raspberries and 2 pears. Not impressed by his attempts to be a fruitarian! Grr.


Mel x

ps - no more colic in the night.

A trip to A&E last night

Saturday 7th July

Well we are pooped - George developed colic in the night, and we ended up in A&E via ambulance last night. He is fine after some steroids, but we were warned he could be off his food.

He had a banana and toast as usual for breakfast though.

We had lunch at Grinch again, but George just had some garlic bread with tomato this time!

Supper was a small tin of asda kids veggie ravioli on wholemeal pumpkin seed bread and some prunes! He ate loads of both!!


Mel x

Friday, 6 July 2007

M&S Sandwich

Friday 6th July

Breakfast was taken in 2 sittings today. A banana before I got dropped off at work, and potato cakes when he & daddy got home.

They then went to the office as MIL is definately on holiday now! lol. They were going to go out for lunch but George slept through it, so dh bought him a M&S cheese sandwich on the way back to the offive - great choice after the salt hysteria in pre-packed sandwiches!

He made pasta for supper, but George just wanted to play with it! In the end he had a satsuma and 2 pears. Hope the next tooth comes through soon! grrr.


Mel x

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Halloumi & balsamic salad

Thursday 5th July

usual breakfast!

Lunch was a new treat. I hade some grilled Halloumi and a salad with a balsamic reduction. George seemed to really like the haloumi, but wasn't so sure about the salad! He had a pear for dessert.

I made some of my special polenta for supper, but after eating the 1st piece with enthusiasm, he threw the rest on the floor. He is currently eating a plate of assorted fruit! Only the prunes are proving popular though!

Definately teething again though, he has been a nightmare today and seems off food! Bloody teeth.


Mel x

ps - no comments lately - anyone still out there?

a Farce!

Wednesday 4th July

We were under the impression that MIL was away, so as well as making George toast & a banana for breakfast I also made a packed lunch for George to take to dh's office.

10.30 dh got a call from MIL asking where is he?? pmsl, so off he went.

He ate the veg muffins, tomatoes & fruit there!

Supper appears to have been pasta in a tomato sauce. I was out! lol


Mel x

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Eggy cheese on toast

Tuesday 3rd July

I must be more inventive with the breakfasts!

M and her mummy came for lunch. Babies had veg muffins, strawbs, blueberries and pear for lunch whilst mummies had spicy cauliflower soup! Yummy!!

DH did supper, an odd mix of grated cheese & egg with shallot on toast & grilled. Think it is like a raerbit! George seemed to have polished off quite a bit, so it must be okay!


Mel x

Ron's Vegetable Muffins

Monday 2nd July

We started with the new usual of a slice of toast and a banana!

Lunch was a bit of a disaster really. I made a bagel with pesto & melted cheese, but that was rejected (yay for mummy!!) and in the end he ate fruit.

I have been having veg guilt, so today I made Ron's veggie muffins filled with corgette, onion, sweet potato, sweetcorn, carrot & broccoli along with cheese & eggs!

George ate them with real gusto and polished off 4.5 of them! woo hoo - veg guilt aleviated!!


Mel x

Monday, 2 July 2007

The murder scene!

Sunday 1st July

George had had breakfast of a tea cake and a banana when we picked him up!

His lunch was very late as he managed to cut his finger. There were bloody handprints all round the bedroom. It looked very bad, but turned out to be a tiny cut. A little late he eventually had some bread & butter and some strawbs!

Supper was bad! He had some pizza (margerita and also some pepperoni) and some salad - well, some tomatoes at least! He loved the pepperoni - odd child.


Mel x

V bad parents

Saturday 30th June

The day started well enough, with breakfast of bagels with cream cheese. The cheese ended up all over the table, but he ate quite a lot!

We then went swimming, and George fell asleep afterwards. We didn't give him lunch, but instead delivered him asleep to my MIL for the night in need of two meals!

Was too busy planning our night out to ask her to keep a note of food. Am slacking in the blogging I know!


Mel x