Saturday, 2 June 2007

Picnic Party in the Park!

Saturday 2nd June

Breakfast was a bit ofa mish mash really - an apple, some sultanas and some peach slices.

The main event of the day though was George's picnic party in the park - and it was an absolutely glorious day for it too! Lots of friends and DH's family all came, and the babies enjoyed a game of pass the parcel. There were lots of BLWers there too - excellent!!

George had some bread & philly (tiger tails), lots of strawberries and grapes (and a mini chocolate doughnut from Auntie Rachael - I'm saying nothing - I am sure you can imagine my face from where you are!! pmsl)

Supper was pasta with philly and cherry tomatoes! A very tired baby tonight me thinks!!


Mel x

ps - need to check it is okay to post pics with other babies mummies before I do so!


Em said...

There are occations where you have to accept they are going to eat crap, I know more than most, my step Dad fed him this evening choco fudge cake and cream then followed by cheese and crackers. I was sat there growling under my teeth and he sat on Grandpa's knee been a angel and everyone thinking i'm the over protective Mum from hell. (drunk by the way sorry) Em x x x

Jeasmin said...

I agree with Em. Otherwise socialising is no fun and family members cannot relax with your child. Also, is it not true that chocs and cakes are ok as long as it is eaten in moderation and as part of a healthy and varied diet, which is the case in G's case.

Mel_x said...

lol, it wouldn't have been a problem with anyone else doing it iykwim.

I do hate it when people (not speaking in specifics here) take delight in trying to wind you up by giving your child rubbish food - just because they feed their kids crap all the time! Grr.

However, Jeasmin, I totally agree, a little bit of a treat is fine! every now & again!!


Mel x