Monday, 18 June 2007

Picnic at Daddy's office

Monday 19th June

Well today was chaotic for me....I have only just sat down really! eek.

The day started calmly enough, with George having a breakfast of toast & a banana (the biggest banana ever quite possibly! - lol)

After baby sign I dropped him off at dh's office and went to work then for pre-ascot beautifying! Lunch was a mixture of berries and some malt loaf!

I was still at the salon through dinner (no sniggering now!) so missed the exciting ham sandwich with an orange and either a peach or a nectarin! lol

phew - made it through the day!


Mel x

ps - you may have a guest blogger on thursday as I am at Ladies Day at Ascot - flying down & abandoning my baby! lol. DH may step into the breech - watch this space!

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