Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Pasta is BAD again - but a MASSIVE treat for supper!

Tuesday 26th June

We started with toast & marmite today - 1.5 slices got eaten for breakfast (see later!!). I have found George will drink milk in the morning if he isn't offered water until later. I feel mean, but needs must I guess!

We were at M's for lunch. M's mummy had made garlic bread and pasta with a delicious tomato sauce. George refused to entertain any of it, but did wolf down the banana, couple of strawbs and half a nectarin offered instead. I popped home to hang the laundry out before swimming, turned round and George had found his left over toast (sloven that I am) and was snacking on it! Great!!

Supper started with a special treat - strawberries mummy had grown. Only 2 were ripe, but the tiny bit i tried was delicious.

And yes - that is a dishcloth being used as a makeshift bib! He also had some wierd tube of fromarge frais as dh couldn't find the organic section in Asda, some potato cakes and some grapes. Yummy!


Mel x


Jo said...

Very jealous that your strawbs are ready now!! I've no sign of fruits yet!

Jo x

Mel_x said...

lol Jo, the 2 he ate were the only 2 ready!


Mel x