Thursday, 7 June 2007

Nursing Strike & Ice Lollies

Thursday 7th June

well, we have a full blown nursing strike on our hands. George refused his bf last night, and again this morning. Queue teary telephone calls to LLL, who just advise keep trying. Hope this isn't it.

Breakfast was an informal affair and involved toast & a banana eaten on foot in the living room.

Lunch was unusually massive, 2 big bowls of pasta with philly. I mixed in a slice of ham too, but George seemed to eat round that! He also had one of the baby ice lollies I made earlier in the week - with a mixed response!

Supper was late after a mad dash to the shop. George largely ignored the extra special scottish burger, and the malt loaf. He did eat some blueberries and a yoghurt though.

Not sure he will have his night bf again tonight, feeling very sorry for myself.


Mel x


Isabellasmum said...

Just been reading your blog after searching internet for info, highly impressesd. Isabella is 8 1/2 months old and I have been struggling with weaning, Ive pureed till I can puree no more, Annabel Karmel has alot to answer for. Was making a salad a few days and just decided to cut chunks of cucumber, tomato and pitta bread and I popped them on her tray and she ate them (well sucked them)and since then its been great. We had breakfast in bed this morning (not advisable crumbs every where) but she loves toast. Your blog is great have got plums, pears and cheese today. Hopefully she will love them too.

Love Amanda

left message with comments on your new years eve blog by accident, 1st time Ive ever done this

Mel_x said...


wow, thanks for your lovely comments. It sounds like you have a right little BLWer in Isabelle! I hope it continues to go well, let me know how you get on.


Mel x