Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Not a great deal of anything - again!

Wednesday 20th June

The day started normal enough, with a slice of toast and a banana.

George went to grandma's today. She offered pasta with sweet peppers and some tuna - she says he didn't eat a lot for him, so he must have eaten some! lol. He did however manage grapes and strawberries - what a shock!

I offered crumpets with red pesto and melted cheese, but only the tinyest amount got eaten. He managed a handful of sultanas, and some berries, but not a great deal really. Oh well, these days are sent to try us.


Mel x

ps - remember, there will be no posts for a few days (unless dh remembers his guest blog spot)as I am galavanting at Ascot ladies day then in London! Remember to miss me! x

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