Sunday, 10 June 2007

Not a great deal of anything - again!

Sunday 10th June

still no bf' now very upset. In fact, today was an odd food day really!

Breakfast was half a crumpet, (the 2nd half was rotten - eugh) a banana, a satsume and an apricot.

At lunch dh tried to share a minced beef and onion pastry thing, but George wasn't impressed. I think he largely had bread & butter in the end.

I made a roast dinner for supper. George ate some broad beans and seemed to really like the honey roast carrot, bit wasn't bothered by the rest of it. He had a few grapes and then 2 yoghurts. I think the ypghurts could be vital soon, as not only has he been refusing to bf but he is also refusing cows milk too.


Mel x

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