Monday, 11 June 2007


Monday 11th June

There was a significant increase in food today, but still hysteria at the thought of bf.

Breakfast was potato cakes with butter, then a peach & a pear.

Lunch was a mixture of the pastries I made at the weekend, he ate a tomato flan, a mushroom flan and a samosa.

As I made supper I made a blueberry milkshake in a desperate attempt to get George to drink some milk, and it seemed to work! For supper he had gnocchi with corgette, bacon & cherry tomatoes in philly & grated cheese. He ate all the gnocchi, some corgette but hated the bacon! (yay!!!)


Mel x


Jo said...

lol at the refusing bacon.

Sorry to hear that bf is causing problems/upset. I couldn't bf due to lack of support and help with problems etc, etc so can't offer any advice on that front, but hope perhaps it's a temporary thing. Hugs to you both.

Jo x

Em said...

I wish William would refuse things like bacon but he'd rather eat that than pasta or veg.

Tough on the bf'ing, i can imagine how hard its been on you.

Em x

mumlollipop said...

Just thought I would say hi - I have been reading your blog with interest as I have just started BLW. I am only up to January 06 though!! You have also inspired me to write my own BLW blog! I am enjoying it so far but feel the disapproval of other people and keep having the odd crisis of conscience but I am determined to stick with it! It seems like your LO had lots of foods early on. I was reading the weaning advice given by HV's which said how delicate their tum was and to give a single food for a week at a time! I have given Jacob a few things so far and he seems ok. I shall keep working my way through and hope to catch up to 'real time' soon. Thanks again for such a lovely blog, it is giving me more confidence the more I read!
Laura x

Mel_x said...

Thanks Jo & Em - feeling a bit better about it all, but still sad.

Laura - thank you for your lovely comments hun, and I am really pleased to hear the blog is helping. Have you had a look at the brave ladies weaning article? You may relate to some of it! Let me know how you get on.


Mel x

rachbc said...

Just wanted to say I well rememeber (8 years on) my many tears when my ds decided to self wean at 11 months - I really hope this turns out to be a strike not the end of bf for you.

We're about 2 months into blw and having fun most of the time, but your blog helps flagging self-belief when nothing gets eaten or strangers feel the need to lecture me on choking in restuarants so thanks.

Rach x

Mel_x said...


i think it is it, and I am more resolved to it now.

I am glad you are finding the blog helpful. I find superior stares and muttering about feeding slop helps when you get stares!


Mel x