Monday, 25 June 2007

A long weekend away!

Thursday 21st June - Sunday 24th June

Well, let me tell you first of all that Ascot was a scream! pmsl!

I have no idea what dh fed George thursday, or most of friday when they spent an age driving to London to meet me, but I think a service station sandwich was involved somewhere! lol. We went to a fab place on friday evening on Lots road in Chelsea though - a late night for George though. He had a "packed dinner" that I bought from the local somerfield! Roll with philly, a banana and a pear!

On Saturday he had croissants for breakfast, then after the Natural History Museum (which he walked round!) and the V&A we had organic pizzas for lunch! Supper was at a lovely waterside pub in Celsea Harbour and was bread, fruit etc etc!

Sunday Was fruit for breakfast then lunch was taken in stages, fruit in the National Portrait gallery, and bread & butter in PJ's in Covent Garden! He ate a very late supper of toast & philly and tomatoes when we finally got home at 9pm - poor boy was starving!

What a wonderful weekend!


Mel x

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