Tuesday, 19 June 2007

An extra post - rant alert!

OMG did anyone else see the awful BBC Breakfast coverage about Gill Rapley & BLW this morning?

Dr Rosemary did not give the impression of someone who had really read through Gill's research did she? And the clips of the DVD were played scarily out of context too. No-one watchig would have thought BLW was anything other than the ramblings of a mad woman! I also am not sure UNICEF have distanced themselves from the research - just the DVD? I will do some more research - but if anyone knows then please post! My guess is that they are saying the DVD is her venture as presumably any profits are to be retained by Gill and not go to UNICEF? Maybe I am way off the mark here?

Returning to the BBC - I was very concerned that there was no-one present to give a BLW side of the arguement, especially when the choking was being discussed. George has never ever choked on anything, and we have been at the BLW for 7 months now, where I know people puree feeding whose lo's have choked on food. There was also no mention of the benefits of BLW or the lack of research on the giving of purees in the first place!

There was also a lot of talk about early weaning, with hardly a reference being made to the excl bf or ff until 6 months. I know that this cannot be a rule written in blood, but it was being very easily brushed aside, especially by the presenters. This is advice from UNICEF which the government endorse. The research into BLW was done originally to show that babies will self wean onto solids at or around 6 months to aid governments to get behind the 6 months of milk guideline.

You will be pleased to know that not only have I telephoned to complain....I have given them my name and this blog's address, offering my services should they wish to do a more balanced article which deals with both sides of the story! I bet they won't cover it - but I wish they would. I did point out that a search for BLW in google would find my blog as well as a number of others and that any one of us BLWers would have been happy to help them!

If you wish to add your voice to the complaint then the number is 08700 100 222 - please feel free to endorse the blog whilst you are at it - lol!


Mel xxxxx

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Jeasmin said...


Just read the blog of Hannah and found that she also complained about the programme and gave an interview which got printed. Have a look at the link below.