Friday, 29 June 2007

it's a mystery....

Friday 29th June

I know George had toast here for breakfast, but the book is in the car to know what else he had!

Same goes for lunch!

Supper was a cheese & tomato toastie, followed by grapes and blueberries.


Mel x

ps - will edit in lunch when I feel less delicate!

Raspberry sushi rolls

Thursday 28th June

Toast & grapes for breakfast - all eaten wandering the living room - bad mummy!

I got all creative for lunch, making pancakes, filled this time with philly, raspberries and a touch of honey. He ate more this lunch than he has in weeks.

Dh gave George 5 defrosted samosas and some grapes for supper whilst I went on a "do" - hence why this is late - lol


Mel x

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Pasta is a definite no!

Wednesday 27th June

We gave George a slice of toast here, and he finished breakfast off at Grandma's. We forgot this time to give her the book (and George's whole bag) so no idea what the remainder was!

She offered pasta for lunch, which was rejected.

To try one last time dh made pasta in philly and spinach, and that was rejected too. Very odd. He did eat a banana, a fromarge frais, bread with butter and philly and some grapes, so he was hungry. God alone knows what the problem with pasta is, he has always loved it! Grrrr!


Mel x

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Pasta is BAD again - but a MASSIVE treat for supper!

Tuesday 26th June

We started with toast & marmite today - 1.5 slices got eaten for breakfast (see later!!). I have found George will drink milk in the morning if he isn't offered water until later. I feel mean, but needs must I guess!

We were at M's for lunch. M's mummy had made garlic bread and pasta with a delicious tomato sauce. George refused to entertain any of it, but did wolf down the banana, couple of strawbs and half a nectarin offered instead. I popped home to hang the laundry out before swimming, turned round and George had found his left over toast (sloven that I am) and was snacking on it! Great!!

Supper started with a special treat - strawberries mummy had grown. Only 2 were ripe, but the tiny bit i tried was delicious.

And yes - that is a dishcloth being used as a makeshift bib! He also had some wierd tube of fromarge frais as dh couldn't find the organic section in Asda, some potato cakes and some grapes. Yummy!


Mel x

Monday, 25 June 2007

Potato Cakes Good - Pasta & Pesto Bad

Monday 25th June

The cupboards were bare after the weekend, so breakfast was an uninspiring 2 slices of buttered toast!

At lunch I made pasta with pesto & cheese, which seemed to largely go on the floor. He did eat some satsumas though.

dh went food shopping when he got in, and so we needed quick & easy supper, so potato cakes it was! George ate the whole packet - lol. poor starved man!


Mel x

A long weekend away!

Thursday 21st June - Sunday 24th June

Well, let me tell you first of all that Ascot was a scream! pmsl!

I have no idea what dh fed George thursday, or most of friday when they spent an age driving to London to meet me, but I think a service station sandwich was involved somewhere! lol. We went to a fab place on friday evening on Lots road in Chelsea though - a late night for George though. He had a "packed dinner" that I bought from the local somerfield! Roll with philly, a banana and a pear!

On Saturday he had croissants for breakfast, then after the Natural History Museum (which he walked round!) and the V&A we had organic pizzas for lunch! Supper was at a lovely waterside pub in Celsea Harbour and was bread, fruit etc etc!

Sunday Was fruit for breakfast then lunch was taken in stages, fruit in the National Portrait gallery, and bread & butter in PJ's in Covent Garden! He ate a very late supper of toast & philly and tomatoes when we finally got home at 9pm - poor boy was starving!

What a wonderful weekend!


Mel x

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Not a great deal of anything - again!

Wednesday 20th June

The day started normal enough, with a slice of toast and a banana.

George went to grandma's today. She offered pasta with sweet peppers and some tuna - she says he didn't eat a lot for him, so he must have eaten some! lol. He did however manage grapes and strawberries - what a shock!

I offered crumpets with red pesto and melted cheese, but only the tinyest amount got eaten. He managed a handful of sultanas, and some berries, but not a great deal really. Oh well, these days are sent to try us.


Mel x

ps - remember, there will be no posts for a few days (unless dh remembers his guest blog spot)as I am galavanting at Ascot ladies day then in London! Remember to miss me! x

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Big Ranty Old Day!

Tuesday 19th June

I do remember George having toast today for breakfast - but the awful BBC Breakfast distracted me slightly so I have forgotten what elae he had! lol

Lunch was a highly unpopular philly, ham & tomato sandwich, which I dipped in egg and fried like eggy bread. He did however manage to eat 2 satsumas! hmm.

Supper was malt loaf, buttered, and a selection of berries. He has drunk quite a lot of plain milk today too - which is a distinct improvement!


Mel x

An extra post - rant alert!

OMG did anyone else see the awful BBC Breakfast coverage about Gill Rapley & BLW this morning?

Dr Rosemary did not give the impression of someone who had really read through Gill's research did she? And the clips of the DVD were played scarily out of context too. No-one watchig would have thought BLW was anything other than the ramblings of a mad woman! I also am not sure UNICEF have distanced themselves from the research - just the DVD? I will do some more research - but if anyone knows then please post! My guess is that they are saying the DVD is her venture as presumably any profits are to be retained by Gill and not go to UNICEF? Maybe I am way off the mark here?

Returning to the BBC - I was very concerned that there was no-one present to give a BLW side of the arguement, especially when the choking was being discussed. George has never ever choked on anything, and we have been at the BLW for 7 months now, where I know people puree feeding whose lo's have choked on food. There was also no mention of the benefits of BLW or the lack of research on the giving of purees in the first place!

There was also a lot of talk about early weaning, with hardly a reference being made to the excl bf or ff until 6 months. I know that this cannot be a rule written in blood, but it was being very easily brushed aside, especially by the presenters. This is advice from UNICEF which the government endorse. The research into BLW was done originally to show that babies will self wean onto solids at or around 6 months to aid governments to get behind the 6 months of milk guideline.

You will be pleased to know that not only have I telephoned to complain....I have given them my name and this blog's address, offering my services should they wish to do a more balanced article which deals with both sides of the story! I bet they won't cover it - but I wish they would. I did point out that a search for BLW in google would find my blog as well as a number of others and that any one of us BLWers would have been happy to help them!

If you wish to add your voice to the complaint then the number is 08700 100 222 - please feel free to endorse the blog whilst you are at it - lol!


Mel xxxxx

Monday, 18 June 2007

Picnic at Daddy's office

Monday 19th June

Well today was chaotic for me....I have only just sat down really! eek.

The day started calmly enough, with George having a breakfast of toast & a banana (the biggest banana ever quite possibly! - lol)

After baby sign I dropped him off at dh's office and went to work then for pre-ascot beautifying! Lunch was a mixture of berries and some malt loaf!

I was still at the salon through dinner (no sniggering now!) so missed the exciting ham sandwich with an orange and either a peach or a nectarin! lol

phew - made it through the day!


Mel x

ps - you may have a guest blogger on thursday as I am at Ladies Day at Ascot - flying down & abandoning my baby! lol. DH may step into the breech - watch this space!

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Fathers Day

Sunday 17th June

well, somewhat peversly dh got up and did George's breakfast whilst I stayed in bed & telephoned mum! lol. He did George's breakfast of a banana, a satsuma and strawberries!

He took George out for a long walk over lunch and apparently bought some sort of fruit platter from sainsbury's! hmmm??

Supper was 5 (yes 5) big philly and spinach sushi pancake rolls (I mean 5 pancakes worth!).

Hope all your lo's daddies had a great day, especially those on their 1st Fathers day.


Mel x

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Lunch at the Grinch

Saturday 16th June

George had a pear, a satsuma and a yoghurt for breakfast at home, but slept through dh & I having breakfast in town.

We went to what has always been a favourite place of mine in Manchester for lunch. George & I shared a very massive but very thin garlic bread with tomato - which he loved. He was still hungry so we ordered him pancakes & banana. He ate the americal style pancakes, but seemed not to understand banana's sliced on the diagonal!

He ate strawberries and a banana for supper, totally ignoring the pasta dh had made!


Mel x

ps - have given up with the bf now - he is totally weaned now. Am getting over it!

Wiltshire Ham apparently!

Friday 15th June

We did toast here for breakfast again today, and a banana and some more water at Grandma's. He apparently refused cows milk totally.

Lunch was wholemeal bread with philly and the wiltshire ham (unsure what the difference is!) along with tomatoes, strawberries and grapes.

Supper was 2 oranges and a pear - but we are relying on dh's memory here!

sorry this is late again, will try harder!


Mel x

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Impressing the Government Rep!

Thursday 14th June

We started randomly with toast & a banana both eaten on foot in the living room!

We were just about to sit down to lunch when a lady asking questions for the DWP about mat leave and pay arrived. So she questioned us and we ate - lol! We had wild mushroom tortellini with a spinach & cheese shop bought sauce. I think we had a pretty equal split, but George ate half a punnet of blueberries for desert!

Supper was a whole mango and a slice of toast with butter and philly.

I tried a cup of milkshake in the bath again tonight, but George refused it totally. Grr. It has gone into the fridge for tomorrow! lol


Mel x

Not got the book again!

Wednesday 13th June

well, that is actually a lie, it is in the car but it is raining and I am not going out to get it.

I know we did toast for breakfast, and that George didn't eat a lot of supper, but that is as good as I can get. What did you lot say on post 200 - always up to date - pmsl!

Will edit this when it isn't raining, but remember I am in Manchester!!


Mel x

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Very random dinner!

Tuesday 12th June

I made another milkshake this morning as the strike continues (thanks Mary for asking after us) which he had along with a slice of toast, a peach and half an apricot.

M came for lunch today again. I nearly made baby friendly soup - but the salt free stock cubes made minging soup, so I added salt and gave the babies samosas. They preferred graoes and satsuma! Typical!!

DH made gnocchi & philly for supper, but it looked awful. He stirred too hard so the gnocchi crumbled before the philly melted! Delicately served with whole tomatoes! LMAO.

I am even more convinced this is weaning not striking...but we'll see.


Mel x

Monday, 11 June 2007


Monday 11th June

There was a significant increase in food today, but still hysteria at the thought of bf.

Breakfast was potato cakes with butter, then a peach & a pear.

Lunch was a mixture of the pastries I made at the weekend, he ate a tomato flan, a mushroom flan and a samosa.

As I made supper I made a blueberry milkshake in a desperate attempt to get George to drink some milk, and it seemed to work! For supper he had gnocchi with corgette, bacon & cherry tomatoes in philly & grated cheese. He ate all the gnocchi, some corgette but hated the bacon! (yay!!!)


Mel x

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Not a great deal of anything - again!

Sunday 10th June

still no bf' now very upset. In fact, today was an odd food day really!

Breakfast was half a crumpet, (the 2nd half was rotten - eugh) a banana, a satsume and an apricot.

At lunch dh tried to share a minced beef and onion pastry thing, but George wasn't impressed. I think he largely had bread & butter in the end.

I made a roast dinner for supper. George ate some broad beans and seemed to really like the honey roast carrot, bit wasn't bothered by the rest of it. He had a few grapes and then 2 yoghurts. I think the ypghurts could be vital soon, as not only has he been refusing to bf but he is also refusing cows milk too.


Mel x

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Super mum's cooking extravaganza!

Saturday 9th June

Breakfast was two bananas and a peach! Still no bf though.

Lunch was a yoghurt, some blackberries and malt loaf with butter . DH also shared a bit of a scabby old scotch egg - eugh!

I had a cookathon whilst George and daddy napped this afternoon, and cooked up some mushroom & philly and some tomato & cheese puff pastry tarts. I also made 2 batches of samosas made with carrot, potato, sweet potato, onion, broccoli and soya beans blizted in!

Supper unsuprisingly is an assortment of pastries! lol


Mel x

Still on strike

Friday 8th June

well the strike starting to think this is it for the bf.

Other meals are unaffected though.....

Breakfast started with a slice of toast at home, and he had half a banana at Grandma's. She tried to give him milk to drink, but he wasn't keen.

Lunch was pasta with roast veg and ham, but he threw the ham! He also had some strawberries, grapes, raspberries and a small bit of bread and butter!

dh offered a ham sandwich for supper, but I think he was full from lunch.

still feeling very sorry for myself. In true Bridget Jones style I went & drank a ton of wine to cheer myself up! lol, hence why the post is late!


Mel x

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Nursing Strike & Ice Lollies

Thursday 7th June

well, we have a full blown nursing strike on our hands. George refused his bf last night, and again this morning. Queue teary telephone calls to LLL, who just advise keep trying. Hope this isn't it.

Breakfast was an informal affair and involved toast & a banana eaten on foot in the living room.

Lunch was unusually massive, 2 big bowls of pasta with philly. I mixed in a slice of ham too, but George seemed to eat round that! He also had one of the baby ice lollies I made earlier in the week - with a mixed response!

Supper was late after a mad dash to the shop. George largely ignored the extra special scottish burger, and the malt loaf. He did eat some blueberries and a yoghurt though.

Not sure he will have his night bf again tonight, feeling very sorry for myself.


Mel x

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Bread overload!

Wednesday 6th June

George had breakfast mainly at home today of 2 buttered crumpets and a yoghurt. As MIL still had the book I couldn't tell her, so she tried to give him toast when he got to her!

Lunch was some eggy bread, but he didn't apparently eat much. He was also offered mince, mash & peas and some plain pasta. Oh, and a few strawberries and an orange! He also apparently tried a wholemeal and tomato cracker - but I am not really sure what that means?

Supper was a sandwich filled with cheese & onion sandwich filler (nothing to do with me!) a banana and an apple - so all in all a bread overload.


Mel x

A birthday lunch

Tuesday 5th June, not George again - M's birthday today!

George had breakfast of a slice of toast and a leftover baked apple.

We then went to M's after a shopping trip to buy a present. Lunch was homemade bread and corriander hummous with some salad. Babies had blueberries and strawberries for desert and mummies had chocolate cake - yummy!

Supper was a bit of a mystery. dh insists I did it, I insist it was dh - i hope to god someone did! What has happened to my memory?????


Mel x

Monday, 4 June 2007

Post no. 200!!!!

Monday 4th June

WOW - I cannot believe I have been blogging for so long!! lol

I didn't realise today was such a milestone day or I would have done some slightly more impressive food! pmsl!!

Breakfast was once again taken in 2 shifts - toast stood up wandering round the livingroom table, then half a pear, a banana and some grapes later sat at the kitchen table!

Lunch was 2 baked apples stuffed with sultanas.

Supper was slightly bonkers actually. I was going to make eggy bread, but discovered we had no eggs (we had loads when I last looked!!) so I made a fried cheese and pesto sandwich! It was like a more fattening style of toastie! I also gave him some cherry tomatoes, but he was less than impressed with them!


Mel x

Special Daddy Pancakes

Sunday 3rd June

A quiet day today with lots of recovering from being mad busy to be done!

Breakfast and lunch I have pretty much forgotten tbh - I will ask DH when he gets home if he can remember any better!

EDIT - he had 2 pears and a banana for breakfast - I remembered all on my own! Lunch is still a mystery!

Supper was very exciting though. DH made pancakes filled with a mixture of blueberries, mascarpone and a touch of honey (a 1 year old treat!!), and lucky mummy got to finish off the pancakes with some lemon & sugar!!


Mel x

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Picnic Party in the Park!

Saturday 2nd June

Breakfast was a bit ofa mish mash really - an apple, some sultanas and some peach slices.

The main event of the day though was George's picnic party in the park - and it was an absolutely glorious day for it too! Lots of friends and DH's family all came, and the babies enjoyed a game of pass the parcel. There were lots of BLWers there too - excellent!!

George had some bread & philly (tiger tails), lots of strawberries and grapes (and a mini chocolate doughnut from Auntie Rachael - I'm saying nothing - I am sure you can imagine my face from where you are!! pmsl)

Supper was pasta with philly and cherry tomatoes! A very tired baby tonight me thinks!!


Mel x

ps - need to check it is okay to post pics with other babies mummies before I do so!

no idea!

Friday 1st June

I apologise - this is very late and is of no use!

George had breakfast & lunch at Grandma's - but I cannot find the book to know what he had!

My secretary left today, so I went for a drink after work, and missed supper!

Normal service will be resumed asap - promise!!!


Mel x

Friday, 1 June 2007

Old Mother Hubbard

Thursday 31st May

The cupboards really were bare today - it took a real bit of ingenuity to come up with BLW food today!

Breakfast wasn't too bad, and was bananas and a pear.

Lunch was sliced chicken & mascarpone sushi rolls - which George seemed to like much more than I expected!

Supper was some baby pies (the ham ones) which I found in the freezer - so all in all a good protein day!


Mel x