Thursday, 3 May 2007

not a lot of food really.

Thursday 4th May

George had to have breakfast at daddy's office this morning as I had to go to Court. He just had a banana.

He ate very little lunch too, a chunk of tofu, a plum and about 5 majool dates. He also ate a slice of toast & philly - I was desperate by that time.

He had a drink of diluted mango juice this afternoon - but only when he stole someone else's tommee tipee cup!

Supper was a pear, a slice of eggy bread and a plum.

Let's hope Grandma does a better job tomorrow at a varied diet than we managed today eh?


Mel x

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Jeasmin said...

Back to the world madness i guess? it sounds chaotic - which is what I am afraid of when i go back to work. I thought you are only working 2 days at the office.

take care

jeasmin xx