Monday, 28 May 2007

Last day of being 0

Monday 28th May

Grandpa added some honey to a small piece of George's breakfast toast - which was greeted with rapturous "hmmmm's"! He also had some strawberries to finish off.

Lunch was eaten out, with our new instant highchair. It was mainly a packed lunch of strawbs and tomatoes, along with a hunk of bread and butter.

Supper was pasta with red pesto and cheese. DH said he had cooked too much, but George ate it all with gusto!


Mel x


Jeasmin said...

How one year just passed huh?

Jeasmin said...

it's me again - what type and where did you get your instant highchair? any good? i am looking for one for our hol in inverness in few weeks time?

Sylke said...

I just can't believe how much George is eating all the time!!! Yannick is suffering so much with his molars that he hasn't had a proper appetite for ages and it's been mostly soft food and loads of mummy's milk for him again... (He's 13 months and has 8.5 teeth already.) On top of that for a while he only squashed fresh fruit but didn't eat it (very disappointing), and now he's off the toast. At least he loves pasta with mince in tomato sauce. Sometimes I wonder whether I should only feed him purées again, but when I see him eat his pasta I feel better. :)

Mel_x said...

Think it is from 1st years or early years - I got it in a special box set from Matalan with a cool box too for £12.

I think it is excellent really, but only used it once so far.


Mel x

Jeasmin said...

Thanks Mel - i'll search the net.