Thursday, 17 May 2007

How many ways with sweetcorn?

Thursday 17th May

I tried George out on some shreddies this morning, he ate the first one quite well, but then emptied the bowl onto the floor one handful at a time! He threw the pineapple straight onto the floor on sight. He managed half a pear, but the second half went the way of the shreddies and pineapple! I gave up at this point, was fed up of food on the floor.

We met a friend for lunch, and George ate a bagel with cream cheese like an angel. OK, he was quite messy, but not one bit went on the floor. He also managed 7 steps on the table trying to get to the wine bottle - my friend said this was the proof he was my son!

Supper was not so successful though. We started out with some mashed potato rolled into balls, met with "hmmm, mmm" noises, but after half what I had cooked they went straight on the floor. He ate some sweetcorn, but was getting frustrated with not being able to get as much in as he wanted. I made sweetcorn pancakes (corn in the batter) and he ate 3/4 of the first one. Not sure if he was full or fed up, but that was the end of the meal - except for 1 majool date for desert! lol

phew - big post today!


Mel x

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