Monday, 28 May 2007


Sunday 27th May


Sunday started sensibly enough, with me giving George buttered potato farls, a banana and some peach slices. All sensible baby led weaning breakfast options.

DH had to run an errand, and on the way home picked up croissants for me and mum - which George helped us out with too - again not too bad.

I went to get some veggies for supper, and came back to the news that dh had given George haribo - HARIBO!!!! DH had obviously missed that they are made of sugary rubbish and must be a choking risk. Needless to say I was unimpressed.

Due to the croissants mainly, George mainly refused his lunch, but did manage a good handful of delicious scottish strawberries.

We were waiting for my dad to arrive all evening, and so had supper very late. I think George was too tired to eat, and even the bread went on the floor. He managed a strawberry youghurt though, which is better than nothing. I tried him with a humzinger, but I think the hilarity that it looked like a dog chew from dh & my parents put him off! Grr!!!


Mel x


Em said...

Haribo - sounds like my DH. He'd give him crisps in the pub, thought they be ok as they werent salt and vinegar, suposed i ought to grateful that he didnt give him pork scratchings! Em x

Jeasmin said...

where do you get your humzingers from? i am having a difficcult time finding them?

also, Em and Mel - where can i get ready made gnochhi - can't find it either?


Mel_x said...

lol Em, they are a nightmare eh?

Jeasmin, mine is from asda, but there is only an extra special one in my local one!


Mel x

Em said...

Try tesco but the dried pasta area.

Em x

Jo said...


I get Humzingers from Asda or Tesco in the dried fruit aisle.

I get gnochi from Asda or Tesco as well, usually with the fresh pasta.



Jeasmin said...

Jo, Mel and Em - thanks all for your reply.

Guess what - we have 2 teeth coming through (1/4 out already). Finally! After pooing 5/6 times a day for over 2 weeks!!

Not bad at 10 months - i thought we'd have to wait longer.