Monday, 21 May 2007

Happy Birthday Mummy

My Birthday - Sunday 20th May

well, dh treated us to pastries for breakfast which he collected on the way home from MIL's. George had had half a banana and some toast there, and here ate 2 massive almond croissants - TWO!!!!

Lunch was a non-starter, but that was just to be expected I guess!

We went out to our fave pizza place for supper, and for a change George had a mushroom pizza! He also ate quite a bit of cream from my tiramisu - am deffo going to mummy hell!!!


Mel x

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Em said...

I'm def going to Mummy hell, we went his first kids party in sat. Proper buffet kids food, the kind i'd never entertain and i let him have loads so i didnt end up looking like the only fussy/anal Mum. he had swiss roll and party rings, oh and even worse hot dog sausages, you know the brown processed ones! Yikes i'm quivering thinking about it! Em x