Tuesday, 29 May 2007


Tuesday 29th May 2007

Today has been a total eat-athon! We started quite sensibly with some toast & a scrape of marmite.

We had a picnic at Chester Zoo, and George ate some bread, and a few grapes. He then had a bit of birthday cake (carrot cake) and got so excited that he went food crazy. He also ate some of grandpa's doughnut (!!) and then went bonkers for strawberries and grapes. He was stuffing massive strawbs in whole - stalks and all. We were killing ourselves.

For supper we went to Heathcotes again, and George ate a load of bread & butter, some pasta in cream sauce with bacon and some strawbs again! Thank god he doesn't seem to have an allergy to them!

I will post some pictures tomorrow!


Mel x


Em said...

Wow a year! Happy Birthday G!

Jo said...

Happy Birthday George!!

Mel that is so weird because we were at Chester Zoo yesterday! Spooky eh!!

Jo x

Jeasmin said...

Jo - I am surprised you didn't see the strawberry man at the Zoo!

Jo said...

Well I did see a funny red, round blob in a pushchair with green hair. Could that have been G???? hehehehe

Jo said...


Love the pic of George with his cake, he looks soooooo cute!!


Mel_x said...


how funny! Maybe we were sitting next to eat other at some time totally oblivious!!! pmsl.


Mel x