Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Grandma's again

Grandpa's Birthday - Wednesday 16th May

We were up and at 'em this morning, so George had breakfast at Grandma's as well as lunch. He managed half a banana, some grapes and a slice of toast for breakfast.

Lunch was some cheesy pasta, with some strawbs and some more grapes!

She has been told not to let him snack in the afternoon (!!) and so he ate some dinner tonight when he got home. 2 pears and a slice of toast & butter. I have decided to just go with the bread thing and not get stressed over it!


Mel x

ps - edit to say - George decided to supplement his diet with soil from a plant pot - yummy!!


Jeasmin said...

i wouldn't worry about it. he will stop when he has had enough.

Mel_x said...

let's hope so!

Mel x

Lane'sMommy said...

How old was George when you started with berries. we have no known food allergies in our families, but I still get worried!

Em said...

The soil sounds nice! Like eating leaves off the decking i suspect - mmmm Yum!

I have the problem that if he doesnt have afternoon snack he's starving by dinner time and that mardy he wont eat, so cant win either way!

Em x

Mel_x said...

He was quite young really, we tried him at about 8/9 months i think and he was fine, so we just carried on!

The advice is not until 1 I think.


Mel x