Sunday, 6 May 2007

Chilli & Tomato Soup

Saturday 5th May

DH gave George another early toast breakfast today, before his morning bf, and then he wasn't interested in anything else later on! Grr!

We went out for lunch, George shared the bread which came with DH's starter of tomato & chilli soup, and even had some dunked in the soup which he seemed to like. It was quite spicy though, so we only have him a little! He refused to entertain the sugar snaps or mashed carrot we ordered him, preferring instead to bang a spoon on the table! lol

I made a variation of the sushi rolls for supper, using grated and fried courgette instead of the spinach - and he ate 4 pancakes! I put a couple of garlic cloves in too, and he really smells now! Poor boy!

Have a nice bank holiday weekend all.


Mel x

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