Monday, 21 May 2007

A brilliant new Baby Led Weaning find!!

Monday 21st May

Breakfast was very rushed this morning as we were off to the dentist (both all okay!!) so toast it was.

Lunch was a new taste of an organic malt loaf with butter - which George seemed to like. I was unsure both about the fact it contains sugar, and most worrying palm oil - but I am afraid my eco-friendliness lost, as did the good mummy part of me, and he had it. He also had a real, undried, apricot, which he also seemed to like. This was not the BLW discovery though!

That came at supper! Along with some cherry toms, and a bagel with pesto & melted cheese, George had some organic yoghurt in a tube! So he just sucked it out, no mess! I know they do similar things filled with junk, but this was all organic and no additives etc! yay!


Mel x


Em said...

Will just pours them on his high chair then speads them around, we have malt loaf sometime but not big fan. Good emergency food
Em x

Jeasmin said...

What's the brand of the yogurt Mel? it would make a good travel food.

Jo said...


Don't know which ones Mel has found but we use the Yeo Valley Organic ones, they are gorgeous and make great travel food in a cool bag.


Mel_x said...

lol - Jo, same ones!



Mel x