Thursday, 10 May 2007

Bread, Bread & Bread! AArrgghhh!!!

Thursday 10th May

George almost point blank refused his banana this morning, and so had toast in the end.

He wasn't really interested in lunch, managing half a cherry tomato and 3 strawbs. He even refused the eggy bread I tried in desperation.

Supper was even more frustrating. I tried to jazz up the roast squash pasta sauce with some grated cheese, black pepper and some cream, but he totally refused to even consider it. He ate a date, a satsuma, some strawbs & a slice of bread & butter in the end. Not a wonderfully nutritious day by any means!


Mel x


erzsebel said...

Don't sweat it; it's probably another tooth!


Jeasmin said...

hope things are ok with G as you haven't posted for few days?



Mel_x said...

I think it is just a bread problem - he will be going to BA meetings soon! pmsl!!

Jeasmin, i was just being lazy & rubbish! Bless you though


Mel x