Sunday, 13 May 2007

Bacon Sandwiches

Saturday 12th May

dh made George and himself bacon sandwiches for breakfast - which seemed popular!

Lunch was pasta with philly and cherry tomatoes for lunch - quite a lot so I am told!

DH tried a butternut squash for supper, but that was refused and George ended up with strawberries! ho hum!

Apologies for not posting - was just being lazy & rubbish! I was also considering a business proposal - what would you guys think of a DVD of the blog?


Mel x


Em said...

Go for it! x

Jeasmin said...

I think you should go for it. It's really well written and includes helpful tips and links. Also, G has good and food days so others can relate to it quite well.

At the last parents forum for Hannah's playgroup, i suggested that BLW as one of the topics to be presented to parents, so would def would use resources like your DVD for that presentation.

exciting isn't it?

Em said...

I do have to BLW DVD if you want a cpoy, its crap might i add but might be worth a look for you?? Em x

Mel_x said...

Em, that would be great.

I will find a bc post and email you through there with my address.


Mel x