Thursday, 31 May 2007

Gran & Grandpa baby sit!

Wednesday 30th May

I did George's breakfast of toast & fruit before I went to work, and then ran out the door leaving George with Gran & Grandpa for the day.

Mum (Gran) gave him a slice of toast with pesto & melted cheese for lunch, and then the rest of the leftover strawberries from yesterday - minus the stalks this time though!

Supper was rushed whilst daddy built his baby quad bike. It consisted of peach slices, and some cheese mashed potato balls! yummy!!


Mel x

Tuesday, 29 May 2007


Tuesday 29th May 2007

Today has been a total eat-athon! We started quite sensibly with some toast & a scrape of marmite.

We had a picnic at Chester Zoo, and George ate some bread, and a few grapes. He then had a bit of birthday cake (carrot cake) and got so excited that he went food crazy. He also ate some of grandpa's doughnut (!!) and then went bonkers for strawberries and grapes. He was stuffing massive strawbs in whole - stalks and all. We were killing ourselves.

For supper we went to Heathcotes again, and George ate a load of bread & butter, some pasta in cream sauce with bacon and some strawbs again! Thank god he doesn't seem to have an allergy to them!

I will post some pictures tomorrow!


Mel x

Monday, 28 May 2007

Last day of being 0

Monday 28th May

Grandpa added some honey to a small piece of George's breakfast toast - which was greeted with rapturous "hmmmm's"! He also had some strawberries to finish off.

Lunch was eaten out, with our new instant highchair. It was mainly a packed lunch of strawbs and tomatoes, along with a hunk of bread and butter.

Supper was pasta with red pesto and cheese. DH said he had cooked too much, but George ate it all with gusto!


Mel x


Sunday 27th May


Sunday started sensibly enough, with me giving George buttered potato farls, a banana and some peach slices. All sensible baby led weaning breakfast options.

DH had to run an errand, and on the way home picked up croissants for me and mum - which George helped us out with too - again not too bad.

I went to get some veggies for supper, and came back to the news that dh had given George haribo - HARIBO!!!! DH had obviously missed that they are made of sugary rubbish and must be a choking risk. Needless to say I was unimpressed.

Due to the croissants mainly, George mainly refused his lunch, but did manage a good handful of delicious scottish strawberries.

We were waiting for my dad to arrive all evening, and so had supper very late. I think George was too tired to eat, and even the bread went on the floor. He managed a strawberry youghurt though, which is better than nothing. I tried him with a humzinger, but I think the hilarity that it looked like a dog chew from dh & my parents put him off! Grr!!!


Mel x

Saturday, 26 May 2007

2 meals - v bad parents

Saturday 26th May

We had a lie in this morning, so breakfast was a bit late. He had some toast and a banana.

We went out for a walk, and were late for lunch. He had a bagel and cream cheese at Kro bar for lunch, much to the suprise of the waitress - who has never seen a baby eat real food I think!

We ate at about 3 though, so supper was a non-starter really. Hmm, bad bad bad really.


Mel x

Friday, 25 May 2007

Soya Beans

Friday 25th May

Breakfast was a triumph - toasted and buttered potato farls. He couldn't stuff them in quickly enough! He also had a tube yoghurt and some berries.

Gran was minding him today, and reports that he didn't really eat much lunch, finishing off the berries and 2 tomatoes were given a suck. The baby pie was totally disregarded, as was the baked apple!

Supper was pasta with a tomato & soya bean sauce with a spoon of philly and some grated cheese stirred through. He seemed to like it, odd as it sounds.


Mel x

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Breakfast mix up!

Thursday 24th May

I thought dh had given George his usual slice of toast pre-bf, so I just gave him a banana and some berries. Turns out he just had part of a crumpet, so I think I have been starving him. Oh no!

Lunch was a toasted bagel with red pesto and melted cheese.

Supper was a cheese omlette, which he seems to have forgotten he hates! yay!!


Mel x

Gran arrives!

Wednesday 23rd May

George had an early breakfast of a slice of toast, then went to Grandma's to finish off with his second breakfast!

I have lost the little note book, and am sooo late doing this post that I have no idea what he had for lunch. Very little apparently though.

I offered some baby pies, and they were not really eaten. I think tooth number 3 is on its way through and so George is off his food! Grr.


Mel x

ps - Gran arrives tonight! yay!

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

New Pasta Sauce & Baby Pies again

Tuesday 22nd May

George started with an early slice of toast again, and then later had a selection of berries at the table.

M was round for pre-swimming lunch of pasta with baked sweet potato & philly sauce. They both seemed to really like it.

Supper was baby pies filled with potato, carrot, spinach, shallot and cheese. He ate 5 in total!


Mel x

Monday, 21 May 2007

A brilliant new Baby Led Weaning find!!

Monday 21st May

Breakfast was very rushed this morning as we were off to the dentist (both all okay!!) so toast it was.

Lunch was a new taste of an organic malt loaf with butter - which George seemed to like. I was unsure both about the fact it contains sugar, and most worrying palm oil - but I am afraid my eco-friendliness lost, as did the good mummy part of me, and he had it. He also had a real, undried, apricot, which he also seemed to like. This was not the BLW discovery though!

That came at supper! Along with some cherry toms, and a bagel with pesto & melted cheese, George had some organic yoghurt in a tube! So he just sucked it out, no mess! I know they do similar things filled with junk, but this was all organic and no additives etc! yay!


Mel x

Happy Birthday Mummy

My Birthday - Sunday 20th May

well, dh treated us to pastries for breakfast which he collected on the way home from MIL's. George had had half a banana and some toast there, and here ate 2 massive almond croissants - TWO!!!!

Lunch was a non-starter, but that was just to be expected I guess!

We went out to our fave pizza place for supper, and for a change George had a mushroom pizza! He also ate quite a bit of cream from my tiramisu - am deffo going to mummy hell!!!


Mel x

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Poor Abandoned Baby!!!

Saturday 19th May

dh gave George an early slice of toast today, so he wasn't interested in much else really, but I did think he ate a pear too.

He and dh went birthday present shopping for me for tomorrow, and came home late for lunch. As the cup final was on (build up though, not sooo late!) we ate lunch in front of the tv - with George in his bumbo on the living room table! He has a delicious philly, ham & tomato sandwich!

I am not 100% sure what supper was as I was getting dressed for my night out!!! Birthday tomorrow - yay!!!


Mel x

Friday, 18 May 2007

Traffic Jam!

Friday 18th May

George was packed off to Grandma's for breakfast today, where he had brown toast and philly (??).

At lunch he messed around with some pitta and hummus (which Grandma says he never eats much of), a couple of tomatoes, an orange and some grapes.

DH got stuck at work, so set off late to collect George. He tried a new, and as it turns out much slower, route to collect him. As such he got home at gone 6, so no evening bf just 2 bowls of pasta and pesto. He also had 6 prunes and 4 majool dates for desert.

See how much better the posts are with the new grandma/mummy note book!


Mel x

Thursday, 17 May 2007

How many ways with sweetcorn?

Thursday 17th May

I tried George out on some shreddies this morning, he ate the first one quite well, but then emptied the bowl onto the floor one handful at a time! He threw the pineapple straight onto the floor on sight. He managed half a pear, but the second half went the way of the shreddies and pineapple! I gave up at this point, was fed up of food on the floor.

We met a friend for lunch, and George ate a bagel with cream cheese like an angel. OK, he was quite messy, but not one bit went on the floor. He also managed 7 steps on the table trying to get to the wine bottle - my friend said this was the proof he was my son!

Supper was not so successful though. We started out with some mashed potato rolled into balls, met with "hmmm, mmm" noises, but after half what I had cooked they went straight on the floor. He ate some sweetcorn, but was getting frustrated with not being able to get as much in as he wanted. I made sweetcorn pancakes (corn in the batter) and he ate 3/4 of the first one. Not sure if he was full or fed up, but that was the end of the meal - except for 1 majool date for desert! lol

phew - big post today!


Mel x

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Grandma's again

Grandpa's Birthday - Wednesday 16th May

We were up and at 'em this morning, so George had breakfast at Grandma's as well as lunch. He managed half a banana, some grapes and a slice of toast for breakfast.

Lunch was some cheesy pasta, with some strawbs and some more grapes!

She has been told not to let him snack in the afternoon (!!) and so he ate some dinner tonight when he got home. 2 pears and a slice of toast & butter. I have decided to just go with the bread thing and not get stressed over it!


Mel x

ps - edit to say - George decided to supplement his diet with soil from a plant pot - yummy!!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Pizza and Ham sandwiches

Tuesday 15th May

Another random breakfast! I gave in and started with a slice of toast, but that was all he had really.

Lunch was at M's (pre-swimming) and was pizza with added goats cheese and mushrooms - a definite hit! He refused to entertain the accompanying salad, but did eat a large amount of grapes for dessert!

Supper was a ham and philly sandwich and some delicious straws from a random market stall in town! Nicest ones I have seen so far though.

Hopefully we will both survive tonight, George's uncle Richard is babysitting! lol


Mel x

Gnocchi & Pasta! At least it's not bread!

Monday 14th May

Breakfast was almost a total food refusal day - very very irritating!

At lunch we shared some Gnocchi with a shop bought roast cherry tomato sauce. I stirred some philly into George's, and topped it with some parmesan - whilst it is still carb city, at least it wasn't bread.

I made a delicious dinner for us all, pasta with free range chicken, field mushrooms & leeks with ribbon corgettes and in a homemade cheese sauce. George obviously totally rejected the corgette, but seemed to like the rest!


Mel x

ps - sorry this is late! Internet issues!!

Sunday, 13 May 2007


Sunday 13th May

Another funny old food day here! Breakfast started badly with mango being thrown straight onto the floor, along with any other offerings except bread!

After swimming we went for a yummy lunch to Heathcotes, which is so baby friendly! George ate bread! We ordered him whitby bay cod in batter and home made chips, and he ate a bit of batter and about half a chip! He was throwing handfuls onto the floor!

He was very fussy with supper too, and ate not a great deal. He was offered the remains of the mango, half a banana and last nights butternut squash. From the hrumphing coming from the kitchen I gather he ate little more than the banana.

Hope he isn't sickening for something.


Mel x

Bacon Sandwiches

Saturday 12th May

dh made George and himself bacon sandwiches for breakfast - which seemed popular!

Lunch was pasta with philly and cherry tomatoes for lunch - quite a lot so I am told!

DH tried a butternut squash for supper, but that was refused and George ended up with strawberries! ho hum!

Apologies for not posting - was just being lazy & rubbish! I was also considering a business proposal - what would you guys think of a DVD of the blog?


Mel x

Mummy's going to Hell

Friday 11th May

George had both breakfast & lunch at Grandma's today - she wrote me a naot of what he had so I could update the blog. I went out for lunch and left the restaurant at 6pm, so have managed to loose it! (hence going to hell!!)

I do remember that grapes, strawberries and bread featured heavily!

dh did supper of 2 oranges, more strawberries and a pear.

I have decided to introduce a note book for George's MIL days so I cannot loose his menu, and meals are not repeated - especially in bread overload days!


Mel x

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Bread, Bread & Bread! AArrgghhh!!!

Thursday 10th May

George almost point blank refused his banana this morning, and so had toast in the end.

He wasn't really interested in lunch, managing half a cherry tomato and 3 strawbs. He even refused the eggy bread I tried in desperation.

Supper was even more frustrating. I tried to jazz up the roast squash pasta sauce with some grated cheese, black pepper and some cream, but he totally refused to even consider it. He ate a date, a satsuma, some strawbs & a slice of bread & butter in the end. Not a wonderfully nutritious day by any means!


Mel x

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

A bit of everything it seems

Wednesday 9th May

George had a 2 part breakfast today, a banana at home and a load of grapes at Grandma's!

Lunch was.... pitta & hummus (not popular), pasta with cheese and tomato, strawberries, grapes, a bit of a banana, tomatoes with philly on (only ate the philly!) and a slice of wholemeal bread and butter!

Little suprise then that he wasn't interested in his dinner! In the end he only ate some bread & butter! Grr!!!


Mel x

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Roast Butternut Squash & Creme Fraiche Pasta

Tuesday 8th May

George ate the best part of the biggest banana I have ever seen this morning, and then also had 2 pears!

Lunch was a few cherry toms and a melted cheese bagel, which looked so tasty I also had for my lunch!

For supper I roasted a butternut squash, blitzed it and mixed in some creme fraiche until it was a good pasta sauce consistency. The basic idea is sound, but it needs tweaking a bit I think, maybe some cheese and black pepper? Hmmm, I will post a recipe when I get it right!


Mel x

ps - George walked unaided today - I am very proud. Of course he wouldn't do a repeat performance when DH was home! He also is too excited to sleep - which is why this post is so late!

Monday, 7 May 2007

Fish & Chips and a Bagel

Monday 7th April

dh tired an experiment for breakfast and made porridge with bananas in - George ate a tiny amount off a spoon but largely seemed uninterested! In the end he had raspberries and blackberries.

Lunch was cod fillet in batter (not home made - have a fish phobia!) and some oven chips. The chips were largely ignored, but George seemed to enjoy the fish.

Supper is a toasted cheese bagel and some berries to finish off.


Mel x

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Tomato & Chilli Pasta Sauce & tooth no 2

Sunday 6th May

bananas are definitely off the menu - George demanded toast this morning in place of the banana!

Lunch was half a punnet of cherry tomatoes, half a punnet of raspberries and half a punnet of blackberries. All good fortifying food for our trip to the emergency gp - George has impetigo - wonderful!

Supper was very late tonight and we all ate together. We were very lazy and shared our Lloyd Grossman pasta sauce with George - but don't panic totally, we "diluted" it with parmesan & philly. He couldn't eat it fast enough! He also ate a couple of tomatoes, a good dh sized handful of grapes and 2 mandarins! Phew!!


Mel x

Chilli & Tomato Soup

Saturday 5th May

DH gave George another early toast breakfast today, before his morning bf, and then he wasn't interested in anything else later on! Grr!

We went out for lunch, George shared the bread which came with DH's starter of tomato & chilli soup, and even had some dunked in the soup which he seemed to like. It was quite spicy though, so we only have him a little! He refused to entertain the sugar snaps or mashed carrot we ordered him, preferring instead to bang a spoon on the table! lol

I made a variation of the sushi rolls for supper, using grated and fried courgette instead of the spinach - and he ate 4 pancakes! I put a couple of garlic cloves in too, and he really smells now! Poor boy!

Have a nice bank holiday weekend all.


Mel x

Friday, 4 May 2007

Salmon & Pasta

Friday 4th May

George had a sneaky early breakfast of toast with daddy before his morning bf, so when I offered him a banana and a pear, they largely got thrown on the floor! And to think I went in later to have breakfast with him!

Lunch at Grandma's was some pasta and salmon combo! Apparently the pasta went down a storm and the salmon went on the floor! lol.

Supper was bread and philly and a pear, so less food in total than usual again today - but Grandma did say he ate a lot of pasta!

Have a nice long weekend everyone


Mel x

Thursday, 3 May 2007

not a lot of food really.

Thursday 4th May

George had to have breakfast at daddy's office this morning as I had to go to Court. He just had a banana.

He ate very little lunch too, a chunk of tofu, a plum and about 5 majool dates. He also ate a slice of toast & philly - I was desperate by that time.

He had a drink of diluted mango juice this afternoon - but only when he stole someone else's tommee tipee cup!

Supper was a pear, a slice of eggy bread and a plum.

Let's hope Grandma does a better job tomorrow at a varied diet than we managed today eh?


Mel x

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

1st day at Grandma's

Wednesday 2nd May

George had to set off to Grandma's at 8.15 this morning, so we asked if she would do breakfast for us. George had a banana and some wholemeal toast.

Lunch was late as he was out having fun, then fell asleep. He had some wholemeal toast and philly and fruit for lunch, mainly grapes by the sound of it.

He missed his 10am bf, and had his 4.30 one at 5.30 when I made it home, but seemed fine and has been no bother at all - and I didn't leak either!!! yay

Supper was a falafel with hummus, some strawberries and a pear.



Mel x

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Food Chaos!

May Day 2007

Well we have had a right old mixture of food today!

Breakfast signaled the oddness to come I guess. George ate most of his banana, 2 croissants and have a chunky slice of fresh bread toast with philly!

At lunch he (and M) totally rejected their falafel, but he did eat a pitta and hummus, some cherry tomatoes and half a ton of grapes!

Supper was yet again gnocchi with spinach & ricotta, but I need fast food after swimming.

What a day!


Mel x

ps - forgot to say...I tried George on a beaker of cows milk today. Only a little really. He seemed quite confused but drank it. I have said to MIL in an emergency she can offer it. eek!