Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Total Nightmare

Hi everyone,

just a quickie from me - I haven't abandoned the blog, but my laptop has a hideous virus and i just cannot shift it! dh is working on it as we speak!

please don't stop reading!!!


Mel x


Jeasmin said...

we haven't....well i haven't. checked few times yesterday and wondered if you stop as you will be busy soon wih return to work..sorry for reminding you about work!!


pun said...

hey all
Sympathy to lane's mommy as Maya has now also gone off bananas,grapes and pears;for last 48 hours or so she has been eating only strawberries and bits of breadsticks. its upsetting to see all my hard work over hot stove smeared over high chair or grounded to the floor! I can see her lovely budha belly slowly flattening out...:( Also she seems to sleep more as her naps have extended to 90+ minutes and yesterday she had 3 of them,on top of sleeping 12 hours at night!

Billy's Mummy said...

Wondered where you'd gone! Look back agian soon x

Mel_x said...

Yuiyui, there is nothing worse, it breaks my heart when George throws food I have slaved over on the floor! Grrr! But then he usually eats everything in sight!

Jeasmin & Em - thanks girls! Have missed you too!


Mel x