Friday, 27 April 2007

A tooth for real this time

Thursday 26th April

A tooth, an honest to God tooth! YAY!!! A bottom front tooth!

George ate the usual banana for breakfast, accompanied by prunes and something else which I cannot remember! eek.

George had lunch at home, of eggy bread and tomatoes, and then we went and collected his Guide mummy who was in Manchester taking an exam and went for a lovely al fresco lunch. George helped out with some bread & olive oil and a piece of Auntie Debra's sausage!

Supper was pasta and pesto (green too!!) and some blackberries. He looked a right state afterwards, but I couldn't find my camera to capture the incredible hulk look!


Mel x


erzsebel said...

Yay, a tooth! There's hope for toothless-at-ten-months Bernard yet!


Jeasmin said...

is that his first tooth?

Mel_x said...

Tooth no 1 yes!

Definitely hope for Bernard yes!


Mel x

Billy's Mummy said...

Well done tooth on his first tooth! Will still has none at 10months!

Em x