Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Too Many Bananas????

Wednesday 4th April

Breakfast was a banana and some dates. Someone from my BB contacted me to say there may be a concern over having too many bananas. I have done some research, and it appears the only risk is if you have kidney disease. If anyone knows or finds out anything different would you please let me know. Thanks.

Lunch was a slightly less risky spinach & philly pancakes - 4 of them!!!

Supper was some cherry tomatoes and a philly and lentil sandwich. I know I know that is too much philly in one day, but whilst we had just done a shop the bags all needed emptying and it was quick, easy & unpacked. I will try harder tomorrow!


Mel x


Rachiemum: said...

The only things i have ever come across are the risk with kidney dysfunction or/and very strangely the hallucinogenic properties of banana skins. However you would have to consume a hugely vast number of banana skins to get any hallucinogenic reaction. So seeing as i doubt you're feeding George the skins, much less more than his own bodyweight you should be ok!! ;o)

TBH most veg/fruit can have strange side-affects if eaten in huge doses... eg. did you know that certain types of lettuce contain Lactucarium which is very similar to laudanum (as in opium)? hence why it shouldn't be fed to rabbits or other small rodents. Maybe not babies either...


Rachiemum: said...

ps. the hallucinogenic properties of banana skins is actually a disproved myth but i couldnt resist! ;o)

Heidi said...

My sister loved bananas as a kid and is still (mostly) sane and quite healthy even at the venerable old age of 25.

I wouldn't worry too much, frankly - I'd be surprised if a banana or two a day is going to hurt George (any more than having two mad parents like Ciaran does!! ;) )

Mel_x said...

That is what I found Rachel, thanks. I do remember the whole "smoke banana skins to get high" in school, but I never tried it myself!!!

Heidi, mad parents are good for a baby, just ask George!!


Mel x

Jo said...


It's to do with the high levels of potassium in bananas but is only an issue if you have kidney disease when you shouldn't consume much potassium.

When my eldest was in Hospital a couple of years ago with a very serious gastric illness (on a drip and vomiting and diarrhoea for 7 days) we were advised to give him bananas afterwards, as many as he'd eat because your body loses potassium when you have d&v.

I asked if there were any problems giving a child so many bananas (he was a banana addict before then!)and they said none whatsoever, apart from constipation!!



Mel_x said...

thanks Jo, that was what I had found too, so glad I didn't miss something major.

missing you on bc by the way - hope all is okay.


Mel x