Sunday, 22 April 2007

A Picnic in the Rain & A Drama over Chicken Casserole

Sunday 22nd April

dh did breakfast again this morning, a banana and a pear.

Encouraged by our lovely picnic yesterday dh took us to the Forest of Bowland today with a super dooper picnic - good job we had our new picnic blanket as it was a bit damp when we got there! George managed tiger bread, grapes, tomatoes and a bit of dodgy looking sausage roll!

We got home to a chicken casserole which had been slowly cooking whilst we were out. Poor George was a bit confused by his bowl of casserole and refused to eat it. I dug out a fork and spoon, and he ate loads! I speared the potato & carrot and gave him the fork. I handed him the spoon loaded with the mushy yummy bits of lentil, barley etc and he spooned in loads!

What a fun weekend - yay.


Mel x


Billy's Mummy said...

How starnge we had chicken casserole yest too! Wil has radar on veg tho - really not sure why?! I've been hiding it in stuff tho, tried hidden broccoli sauce, quite enjoyed that. I made him a chicken, sprout, carrot and mushroom spead for sandwiches today went down a treat. Pureed till smooth then added a huge lump of un-salted butter purred some more put in the fridge to firm so wasnt potted meat but potted casserole. Very easy and well worth the effort! I even had it on my sandwiches for work.

Em x

Mel_x said...

lol Em, that hidden broccoli sauce is a real life saver some days here!

I will put the potted casserole in the recipe bit when I do my next update! The things we do eh???


Mel x