Saturday, 28 April 2007

Peaches & Gnocci - but not at the same time!

Saturday 28th April

Be warned - George has been on a bit of an eatathon today!

Breakfast was the usual banana, 2 of my handfuls of grapes and 4/5 prunes!!!

Lunch was 2 peaches, just cut into 3 so I could get the stone out! This is I think a new taste, or if not it was a 1st taste of a ripe peach - lol.

Supper was gnocci in ricotta and spinach with some black pepper, a slice of tiger bread with the sauce spread on (to use up leftovers!!) and 1.5 plums - served just cut in half with the stone out. He only made a slight mess!

I have eaten less today! pmsl!


Mel x