Saturday, 21 April 2007

Our First Picnic

Saturday 21st April

George breakfasted on a banana and and orange this morning, but dh said he didn't seem that interested in the banana - scary! What will I do if he goes off them!!!

We went out for a lovely walk and a picnic lunch, George ate some bread roll and half a packet of cherry tomatoes, but he wasn't interested in any cheese, ham or dried mango!

Supper was pasta with red pesto sauce, and strawberries. I must remember he has had all this red food tomorrow iykwim!


Mel x


Billy's Mummy said...

We've had strawberry puree ice lollies today, went down a storm would really recommend. We've got a red food thing going on too. Toms, strawberry, farm shop tomato sausage.... Em x

pun said...

Yep, red is definately the new black,with Maya eating only strawbs and cherry toms for last few days. So exasperated that she's not eating any of her food (all organic and lovingly prepared with no salt or strong flavours etc etc) i allowed hubs to feed her off his plate as she kept going for his food;and lo and behold she had lashings of mashed potatoe with onoin gravy,peas,bits of sausage, and to cap it all,quite a few curry chips in the evening!! (i know,i know,but i was desparate to see her eat and it's not our usual diet,honest!Guess we can all swap recipes whilst in mommy hell !)
Yiuyiu x

Jeasmin said...

Yiuyiu - maybe what Maya wants is some strong flavours. My lo stopped eating her usual favs and and found that when i gave her bits of our food, she loved it, so I've started cooking her food with some mild spices and it seems her appetite is back!

Mel_x said...

Em, I recommended smoothie ice lollies on bc, then forgot about them, thanks for the reminder!

Yuiyui - very frustrating when they do that. George usually refuses the last thing I have left in the house so I panic!!

The article I put a link to about not just giving "baby foods" but using spices etc is really reassuring about flavours.


Mel x