Friday, 6 April 2007

A New Pasta Sauce!

Maunday Thursday 5th April

Breakfast was the ever present banana and a piece of bread & butter.

Lunch was very odd, we were out on a BC meet over lunch, but there was too much going on for George to even consider eating. When we got home he was asleep, so he slept through his usual lunchtime. At about 2.30 he eventually had some cheese and cherry tomatoes!

For supper I got adventerous with the hidden broccoli pasta sauce, and put a lot in, a lot more than usual (about half a big head of broccoli) as well as some frozen peas and onion & garlic. Once it was blended down I then added best part of a tin of lentils. Dh said he ate a huge bowl full. Yipee!


Mel x

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