Tuesday, 10 April 2007

A new kind of pie & mixed bean pate

Tuesday 10th April

Dh did breakfast this morning again, despite being back at work! Bananas X2! Total lack of imagination!!!

For lunch I made mixed bean pate served on toast, some tomatoes and handfuls of raspberries and blackberries!

I was attempting to make mini quiche for supper, but realised too late I was out of eggs! I made shortcrust pastry pies filled with mushroom, peas, mini leeks and ham (I know, I know, shock horror!!) All served in a yummy thick cheese sauce. I will post the recipe tomorrow! George ate 4 - and even MIL had one when she came to babysit and approved!


Mel x

ps - an ambition was met tonight. I went to Old Trafford to watch the match, and finally saw Francesco Totti in real life *swoon* - I can die happy now!!!!

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