Monday, 9 April 2007


Easter Monday 2007

dh has once more been in charge of all todays meals, and so another mixed bag!

Breakfast was at least 1 banana and some berries (i think!)

Lunch was a massive bowl and a half of pasta with the extra special hidden broccoli pasta sauce and a handful of grated cheese (obviously mixed in and melted as grated cheese is bad in George's world). He ate it like he hadn't eaten in weeks!

For supper dh attempted boiled eggs and toast, but George only wanted the toast. Some egg was only eaten when crushed and spread on the toast! lol. He also had some naspotti - although the spelling is probably wrong. I also don't know what the English name is, this is what we called them in Nepal. They are like a cross between an apple and a pear - yummy! The Nepalese ones are nicer, but it is a bit far to go for fruit!


Mel x


Jo said...


Do you mean an Asian Pear, if so they are delish!! If you don't then they are well worth a try.

Naspetti is a formual 1 driver, lol! Have you been feeding George racing drivers? lol

Jo x

Mel_x said...

LOL, i do try and give him a varied diet!!!

I guess it may be an asian pear? They are yummy!


Mel x