Monday, 30 April 2007

My first day back to work

Monday 30th April

well, we had to be super organised this morning as I had to be in the office for 9 (but usually I will be at home on Monday's).

Breakfast was taken a bit earlier than usual (8.15) and was a banana and an absolute load of blueberries!

With my lack of expressing George had to miss his 10am feed, but I asked dh (who had George at his office this morning) to offer him a drink & a snack if he got grumpy. He refused the drink, so wasn't offered a snack!

Dh gave George his lunch in the office. I had packed some king majool dates, grapes, pitta & hummus & a mini cheese packet and some tomatoes. The tubs came back empty but dh didn't use the bib so George was filthy!

I escaped the office and collected George at about 1pm, and came home. I had toast for lunch, save the crusts which George stole. He also had a large drink of water at this time. He then had his afternoon bf as usual (actually a little later than usual as we were out walking!)

Supper was toast & philly and a pear!

Phew, we made it through day 1, but Wednesday will be much harder, it is all day and George is with my MIL for the first time.


Mel x


Jeasmin said...

Pleased that things went well.

Take care


Billy's Mummy said...

I never thought i'd say this but i now enjoy going to work, only because it makes me value the time i have at home (i do work more than i'd like to tho) Also something that really annoys me but is great at the same time Will get so excited now when he goes to my Mums and MIL so i know hes happy to be with them. Glad you had a good day tho x

Mel_x said...

Thank you girls.

It wasn't as bad as I thought going back, but it was only half a day! Wednesday will be the real test!

Of course, I feel hugely guilty as I didn't feel terrible - oh the joys of being a mum eh???


Mel x

erzsebel said...

Take hope; Bernard has one full day with his childminder and one full day with his dad, and manages just fine. I do express, but his dad usually forgets to give it to him (grrr!). And I know it's not BLW, but I make up for the missed milk feeds with yoghurt or rice pud, so he still gets milk in one form or another. How is George with a spoon?


Mel_x said...


that makes me feel loads better! He is okay with a spoon if needs be, but I tried him today with some cows milk, which he drank. I have told MIL to give that in an emergency! He will miss 1 bf and have 1 about an hour late, but I think that will be fine!


Mel x

erzsebel said...

The other thing is, B doesn't drink milk at all during the day (apart from the occasional sip of EBM), so he just has water and makes up for it when I'm around. I also read yesterday that broccoli contains more calcium than milk, so there's something he can feed himself!