Thursday, 19 April 2007

Mushroom Tortellini & Chinese Apple

Thursday 19th April

Baby cafe has moved venue, so we had a much more leisurely breakfast than usual for a thursday. George had the obligatory banana, also some pan fried chinese apple and some prunes.

I was lacking inspiration for lunch, but found some shop bought tortellini in the fridge which were low in salt. George had these with some spinach & philly sauce, and ate them like he had been starved for weeks! He finished off with 3/4 of a pear!

Supper was some mini plum tomatoes (7!!) and 2 slices of toast & philly!

I have managed to spread the word about BLW once more at baby cafe too - more converts! yay!


Mel x


Billy's Mummy said...

Pear is one of our fav's, then again it about the only fruit he'll eat. We've got a baby cafe opening near soon- looking forward to it. I preach at baby clinc when i go think it irritates the hv! X

Lane'sMommy said...

How is it you feed George his prunes?

Mel_x said...

lol Em, I know it drives the midwives at baby cafe mad when i go on a BLW rant again!! Doesn't stop me though.

Lane's mommy - I just buy the no need to soak dried prunes, and i just pull them in half so the soft middle bit is easier to get to, George eats the skins too, but they just look a bit better that way!


Mel x