Sunday, 29 April 2007

A mini quiche apparently

Sunday 29th April - 11 months today.

How can my baby be 11 months old today? When did that happen!!

Well, for his milestone breakfast he had a banana and 2 peaches. Again, some of the banana went on the floor, but I am unsure if this is because of how I am serving it or because he is going off them? eek!

Lunch was taken at C's house, but George took a packed lunch! He ate the baked sweet potato, but threw the roast new spuds & carrots on the floor. Luckily, knowing all about George's mega appetite C's mummy stepped in with a mini quiche with sweetcorn & spinach in, and that went down a treat by all accounts....must dig out Jo's recipe!

Supper was gnocchi & spinach and ricotta sauce again, followed by a plum and half a punnet of blueberries!


Mel x

ps - back to work tomorrow - wish me luck. x


Billy's Mummy said...

Gnocchi is superb always a hit in our house, to the point i have to hide it or he'll not eat anything else. Doesnt time just fly by!

Jo said...

Good luck with your first day back tomorrow Mel! Hope it's not too stressful.

Take care

Jo x

Jeasmin said...

work.... i really feel for you. i hope things go well and G copes ok without you. I wonder how many times you will phone whoever is looking after G tomorrow!!

Gnocchi - do you make your own or do you buy ready made. I searched the net for a recipe but looked too complicated so gave up.

Tare care

Jeasmin xx

pun said...

Good Luck Mel,i hope the day'll go quickly for you. Will you need to express or does G no longer need his bf's during the day now? Take care,

Jo said...


Feel free to post the recipe on here as well if you want.

Jo x