Friday, 27 April 2007

A loaf of ciabatta!!!!! Sweetcorn & mash

Friday 27th April,

The last working day of my maternity leave. *sob*

George was in a funny mood this morning, he ate most of his banana but not all, and he totally refused the mango. I managed to persuade him (lol - I did nothing really!)to have a few strawberries though, but a lot got swept onto the floor.

Lunch was a new taste, sweetcorn. I delayed giving it as I can sometimes get a sore tummy after sweetcorn, but he seems fine so far! I accompanied this with mash, made with butter, philly and black pepper. He loved it!

Supper was an out & about emergency of bread. He ate the whole loaf, it was small, but still! I always feel guilty about such a rubbish supper, but I guess in the overall context of the week he will live!

Have a nice weekend everyone


Mel x


Jeasmin said...

isn't it amazing how 1 year just went - well 11 months for you.Before you know it, G will be 2 years old and going throgh the 'terrible 2's'. Save us!

Enjoy your last free weekend.

Mel_x said...

HE is already having tantrums, it seems to start at 11 months as his peers are doing the same! eek!!!


Mel x