Wednesday, 18 April 2007

A huge backload of info!

14 - 17 April 2005

Hurray - I am finally rid of the evil virus! I have had to totally reinstall everything once I finally got rid of it. Be careful about "brave sentry".

anyhow..... I have not gone through choice, and we have some catching up to do.....

On saturday we went to a big BC 1st birthday meet in Birmingham, but we managed to do meals with no probs. George ate cheese sandwiches another mummy had made, with prunes i had bought for lunch. I have no idea what he had for supper as I was traumatised - i managed to lock George in the car when I got home. Dh was out, and had to race back in a cab with the car keys! Was awful!!!

Sunday was a not very exciting eating day. I kept a record of it, but it is so rubbish that after so long it is a non-event really! lol

Monday was a funny day, and George ate hardly any lunch. He did polish off 2 baked sweet potatoes, a chedder babybel and a slice of bread & butter for supper though!

Tuesday - after a delicious breakfast of banana, strawns & prunes, George went to dh's office for lunch whilst I saw a man about a job! (ooh err!!). He had pesto & philly sandwiches & cherry tomatoes and ate the lot! Supper was saute potatoes and an orange! V odd mix!

it's good to be back!!!


Mel x

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