Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Grandma's for Lunch

Wednesday 25th April

I was bad again at breakfast, and so George had a banana and a piece of toast, as well as a couple of prunes.

I dropped him off at Grandma's just before lunch so I could go to my work meeting. I took a packed lunch, but in the end it appears his cousin crying put him off his first lunch sitting. He eventually are some toms, a bit of mini pizza, lots of graoes, half an orange and half another banana!! (grr!).

To celebrate work being unusually great (am working 2 days in office and 2 at home around George!!!) we went for pizza to celebrate. George ate garlic dough balls, pizza and some cream from my dessert!


a very pleased Mel x


Jeasmin said...

2 days at home - wow!! That's great news. Well done.


pun said...

Not been on net so just caught up;really pleased Mel about you working from home,this is an option open to me also but i worry would i actually get any work done around Bubs??!!She's just learnt to reach her arms up to be picked up,soo cute!
BTW Bubs appetite back with a vengenge,have discovered it may be due to her top tooth coming thru,was tricked as no drooling unlike when bottom teeth came thru,poor thing.
Jeasmin you're right i have started giving her some of our food and she's really taken to it,a fave is steamed fish with lemon and coriander rolled up with rice into bite size balls,she ate loads!
Mel,when George eats pizza does it stick to the roof of his mouth? I tried giving to Maya and thats what happens. this is supermarket pizza cooked at home not restaurant ones.

Billy's Mummy said...

Well played with work! Great news.