Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Blenheim Palace

Monday 2nd April

George had a mini croissant, some fruits and berries with cotswold yoghurt and some toast for breakfast! Our hotel is great!

Lunch was in the wonderful surroundings of Blenheim Palace, and was largely packed lunch cherry tomatoes (about 12), but with a few dates and some bread roll too.

Supper was bananas - well, his body might go into shock if we cut them out totally! I bought some ham & philly too, but the bananas were too popular and 2 were eaten very quickly!


Mel x


Anna said...

Hi, I'm a mumsnetter (bananabump)I haven't even had my baby yet, he's due in august, but I've been reading all I can about baby led weaning and I think it makes so much sense.

Your blog has been really helpful, there really is a lack of decent material out there about it. Perhaps if I'm successful at weaning my baby this way I'll have to write something myself to encourage more Mums to ditch the liquidisers. It was all sounding like effort anyway, all those tiny lidded icecube traysand getting the baby to hold a spoon in each hand so it doesn't grab your own.

I remember my sister feeding her children with pureed slop (albeit home made) and coming up with ever more elaborate aeroplane games and methods of stopping them from whacking the spoon away from their face. What a load of faffing about!

As I said, this approach just makes so much more sense, and I'm amazed by what your little George can do, and also the sheer amount he can eat..I'd feel sick if I ate that many bananas for breakfast, he's obviously a nanaholic!

He certainly looks like he's thriving in all his pics, what a cutie! Keep up the good work!


Anna x

Mel_x said...

Hi Anna,

congratulations on your pregnancy, bet you cannot wait until August.

Glad you have found the blog useful - how did you find me?

I can honestly say BLW is just so easy, messy, but easy. This is really true when eating out, George will feed himself and we can enjoy a meal. A different story to the slop feeders on the next table!!

I think George is currently supporting the economy of the winward islands with the number of bananas he goes through. If I swapped his breakfast their economy would collapse!

Let me know how you go on in August.


Mel x