Friday, 6 April 2007

Beefburgers & Hot Cross Buns

Good Friday

After being reassured about bananas, George had another for his breakfast today! He also had a pear dipped into natural yoghurt, as he seemed to like that on our mini-break.

Lunch was leftover pasta and sauce from last night, and he loved it, even the reheated pasta! I feel I am on to a winner there! The sauce I made has frozen into 5 portions, and then 2 fresh ones means 7 in total (mathematical genius I know!!), which I think is a bargain!

Whilst I was being naughty and pigging out today I shared a small piece of hot cross bun with George. He seemed to like it, but my sugar paranoia took over, and he only had a tiny bit! Not 3 days ago I was saying how babies don't need this sort of thing in their diet - hypocracy is a wonderful thing eh?

But, the grand finale of the day.....was dh's homemade organic beef burners. Which he made himself, fried and topped with homemade tomato sauce (blended tomato) and cheese. George ate 3, and finished off the meal with an orange - his new favorite!


Mel x

ps - Have a series of wierd and wonderful fruits to try George out on from our new local fruit & veg stall - watch this space!

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