Sunday, 8 April 2007

Al fresco lunch, Ugli fruit & family "do"

Easter Sunday 2007

George had two breakfasts today!! DH gave him a couple of bananas and four massive strawberries. When I got up (lol) he then made me croissants. My poor starved man stole over half of one of my croissants, so dh did me a third, which George also tried to steal. He easily had a whole croissant in the end!

For lunch he tried an ugli fruit (I did say watch this space!!), which to me tasted like sour orange but that in no way put George off! He also ate a large selection of berries. He also had a small (sweet apparently) skinned pepper stuffed with philly. I think if the pepper was roasted off he would do better with it. It is a slight lie that he ate al he ate in the kitchen then sat out with us whilst we had a bbq. But it was lovely!

In the afternoon we went to George's Great Auntie Mary's for a family do. George got lots of easter presents, although thankfully not much chocolate! We took no-one nothing (eek).

Happy Easter Everyone


Mel x

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