Monday, 30 April 2007

My first day back to work

Monday 30th April

well, we had to be super organised this morning as I had to be in the office for 9 (but usually I will be at home on Monday's).

Breakfast was taken a bit earlier than usual (8.15) and was a banana and an absolute load of blueberries!

With my lack of expressing George had to miss his 10am feed, but I asked dh (who had George at his office this morning) to offer him a drink & a snack if he got grumpy. He refused the drink, so wasn't offered a snack!

Dh gave George his lunch in the office. I had packed some king majool dates, grapes, pitta & hummus & a mini cheese packet and some tomatoes. The tubs came back empty but dh didn't use the bib so George was filthy!

I escaped the office and collected George at about 1pm, and came home. I had toast for lunch, save the crusts which George stole. He also had a large drink of water at this time. He then had his afternoon bf as usual (actually a little later than usual as we were out walking!)

Supper was toast & philly and a pear!

Phew, we made it through day 1, but Wednesday will be much harder, it is all day and George is with my MIL for the first time.


Mel x

Sunday, 29 April 2007

A mini quiche apparently

Sunday 29th April - 11 months today.

How can my baby be 11 months old today? When did that happen!!

Well, for his milestone breakfast he had a banana and 2 peaches. Again, some of the banana went on the floor, but I am unsure if this is because of how I am serving it or because he is going off them? eek!

Lunch was taken at C's house, but George took a packed lunch! He ate the baked sweet potato, but threw the roast new spuds & carrots on the floor. Luckily, knowing all about George's mega appetite C's mummy stepped in with a mini quiche with sweetcorn & spinach in, and that went down a treat by all accounts....must dig out Jo's recipe!

Supper was gnocchi & spinach and ricotta sauce again, followed by a plum and half a punnet of blueberries!


Mel x

ps - back to work tomorrow - wish me luck. x

Saturday, 28 April 2007

Peaches & Gnocci - but not at the same time!

Saturday 28th April

Be warned - George has been on a bit of an eatathon today!

Breakfast was the usual banana, 2 of my handfuls of grapes and 4/5 prunes!!!

Lunch was 2 peaches, just cut into 3 so I could get the stone out! This is I think a new taste, or if not it was a 1st taste of a ripe peach - lol.

Supper was gnocci in ricotta and spinach with some black pepper, a slice of tiger bread with the sauce spread on (to use up leftovers!!) and 1.5 plums - served just cut in half with the stone out. He only made a slight mess!

I have eaten less today! pmsl!


Mel x

Friday, 27 April 2007

A loaf of ciabatta!!!!! Sweetcorn & mash

Friday 27th April,

The last working day of my maternity leave. *sob*

George was in a funny mood this morning, he ate most of his banana but not all, and he totally refused the mango. I managed to persuade him (lol - I did nothing really!)to have a few strawberries though, but a lot got swept onto the floor.

Lunch was a new taste, sweetcorn. I delayed giving it as I can sometimes get a sore tummy after sweetcorn, but he seems fine so far! I accompanied this with mash, made with butter, philly and black pepper. He loved it!

Supper was an out & about emergency of bread. He ate the whole loaf, it was small, but still! I always feel guilty about such a rubbish supper, but I guess in the overall context of the week he will live!

Have a nice weekend everyone


Mel x

A tooth for real this time

Thursday 26th April

A tooth, an honest to God tooth! YAY!!! A bottom front tooth!

George ate the usual banana for breakfast, accompanied by prunes and something else which I cannot remember! eek.

George had lunch at home, of eggy bread and tomatoes, and then we went and collected his Guide mummy who was in Manchester taking an exam and went for a lovely al fresco lunch. George helped out with some bread & olive oil and a piece of Auntie Debra's sausage!

Supper was pasta and pesto (green too!!) and some blackberries. He looked a right state afterwards, but I couldn't find my camera to capture the incredible hulk look!


Mel x

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Grandma's for Lunch

Wednesday 25th April

I was bad again at breakfast, and so George had a banana and a piece of toast, as well as a couple of prunes.

I dropped him off at Grandma's just before lunch so I could go to my work meeting. I took a packed lunch, but in the end it appears his cousin crying put him off his first lunch sitting. He eventually are some toms, a bit of mini pizza, lots of graoes, half an orange and half another banana!! (grr!).

To celebrate work being unusually great (am working 2 days in office and 2 at home around George!!!) we went for pizza to celebrate. George ate garlic dough balls, pizza and some cream from my dessert!


a very pleased Mel x

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

A demand for toast!

Tuesday 24th April

I gave George his banana (now just broken in half!) followed by some baby figs for breakfast, which he was eating quite happily until he saw my toast! He had finished the banana, but just refused to eat any more figs. He just wanted toast! lol

Lunch was 4 pancake sushi rolls! FOUR!!!! Then at M's house he also ate about 3 handfuls of grapes!

Little wonder then that despite swimming he wasn't in the mood for much supper. He ate a tiny bit of tofu, and a bite of a baby pizza and the rest went on the floor. He did manage to find room for half a punnet of blackberries though - typical! lol


Mel x

Monday, 23 April 2007

Scrambled Eggs a definate NO!!

St George's Day

well - it is an obvious day to point out eh???

Breakfast was enormous today, a banana, a pear, 7 prunes and the crusts off my toast (not being mean, was avoiding the salted butter!!)

I made what i thought would be yummy scrambled eggs for lunch, but George just ignored them totally, he ate a piece of buttered toast and some tomatoes instead!

Whilst playing with George's best friend today his mummy gave George a bit of bread & butter as a snack!!

Supper was hilarious though. DH bought some steam veggies for supper, but George was falling asleep in his bowl. It was quite funny. He perked up a bit for a strawberry or two!


Mel x

ps - not food related but I just had to share. I handed in my notice to work today, they want to keep me so I have a meeting with them, but watch this space! lol

Sunday, 22 April 2007

A Picnic in the Rain & A Drama over Chicken Casserole

Sunday 22nd April

dh did breakfast again this morning, a banana and a pear.

Encouraged by our lovely picnic yesterday dh took us to the Forest of Bowland today with a super dooper picnic - good job we had our new picnic blanket as it was a bit damp when we got there! George managed tiger bread, grapes, tomatoes and a bit of dodgy looking sausage roll!

We got home to a chicken casserole which had been slowly cooking whilst we were out. Poor George was a bit confused by his bowl of casserole and refused to eat it. I dug out a fork and spoon, and he ate loads! I speared the potato & carrot and gave him the fork. I handed him the spoon loaded with the mushy yummy bits of lentil, barley etc and he spooned in loads!

What a fun weekend - yay.


Mel x

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Our First Picnic

Saturday 21st April

George breakfasted on a banana and and orange this morning, but dh said he didn't seem that interested in the banana - scary! What will I do if he goes off them!!!

We went out for a lovely walk and a picnic lunch, George ate some bread roll and half a packet of cherry tomatoes, but he wasn't interested in any cheese, ham or dried mango!

Supper was pasta with red pesto sauce, and strawberries. I must remember he has had all this red food tomorrow iykwim!


Mel x

Bacon Sandwichs & the worst mum ever!

Friday 20th April

dh made George a bacon sandwich for breakfast, which he seemed to love! Of course he also had a banana, but at least there was some variation.

I met friends for lunch, and George ate 1 mouthful of a baked potato with cheese on, then wanted to get out of his high chair and walk around. Don't think he has eaten so little for weeks!

Then to compound the bad mother bit, we all went out for a drink in the afternoon and stayed out for a meal. George had bread for supper, tomato bread & olive bread with some olive oil, but bread none the less! He ate a couple of tomatoes from my risotto starter, but then ended up playing under our table! Dh & I staggered home a little drunk, and poor George went to bed 2 hours late.

Am going straight to mummy hell I'm sure!


Mel x

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Mushroom Tortellini & Chinese Apple

Thursday 19th April

Baby cafe has moved venue, so we had a much more leisurely breakfast than usual for a thursday. George had the obligatory banana, also some pan fried chinese apple and some prunes.

I was lacking inspiration for lunch, but found some shop bought tortellini in the fridge which were low in salt. George had these with some spinach & philly sauce, and ate them like he had been starved for weeks! He finished off with 3/4 of a pear!

Supper was some mini plum tomatoes (7!!) and 2 slices of toast & philly!

I have managed to spread the word about BLW once more at baby cafe too - more converts! yay!


Mel x

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

a right old muddle for supper!

Wednesday 18th April

We started the day today with another failed attempt at raisin wheats, along with a banana and some strawbs!

Lunch was some defrosted new type of pies, eaten with real gusto! I accompanied these with cherry toms, which are becoming a bit of a staple!

For supper we went out to a local place, and ordered George some hummus & pitta. He seemed unimpressed, and so also shared some of my spinach & ricotta lasagne, my side salad and some of dh's fish pie and some peas. The place was a right old mess afterwards! lol


Mel x

ps - i missed this!

A huge backload of info!

14 - 17 April 2005

Hurray - I am finally rid of the evil virus! I have had to totally reinstall everything once I finally got rid of it. Be careful about "brave sentry".

anyhow..... I have not gone through choice, and we have some catching up to do.....

On saturday we went to a big BC 1st birthday meet in Birmingham, but we managed to do meals with no probs. George ate cheese sandwiches another mummy had made, with prunes i had bought for lunch. I have no idea what he had for supper as I was traumatised - i managed to lock George in the car when I got home. Dh was out, and had to race back in a cab with the car keys! Was awful!!!

Sunday was a not very exciting eating day. I kept a record of it, but it is so rubbish that after so long it is a non-event really! lol

Monday was a funny day, and George ate hardly any lunch. He did polish off 2 baked sweet potatoes, a chedder babybel and a slice of bread & butter for supper though!

Tuesday - after a delicious breakfast of banana, strawns & prunes, George went to dh's office for lunch whilst I saw a man about a job! (ooh err!!). He had pesto & philly sandwiches & cherry tomatoes and ate the lot! Supper was saute potatoes and an orange! V odd mix!

it's good to be back!!!


Mel x

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Total Nightmare

Hi everyone,

just a quickie from me - I haven't abandoned the blog, but my laptop has a hideous virus and i just cannot shift it! dh is working on it as we speak!

please don't stop reading!!!


Mel x

Friday, 13 April 2007

Freaky Friday!

Friday 13th April

George had naspotti dipped in yoghurt and banana for breakfast, and a few prunes for good measure.

I had lunch with friends in wagamamas, and took George a packed lunch. On the whole he was too distracted to eat much of the breadsticks, cheese and tomatoes I had with me - but he managed the blueberries no problem!

Supper was some buttered toast and some more berries!


Mel x

Pizza out - again!

Thursday 12th April

dh gave George 2 bananas for breakfast again - grrr! HE did at least dip them in natural yoghurt!!

Lunch was the new sort of baby pies (will do recipe soon I promise!), he ate 6 1/2 of them! lol, they are quite small though.

We went out to our local pizza place for supper, George shared our dough balls and tomato & mozzarella salad and then had his own baby pizza. He also shared dh's mascarpone with his desert! yummy!


Mel x

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

A massive lunch at Softplay

Wednesday 11th April

I was back in charge of breakfast today, so along with the ever present banana George had two pears dipped in natural yoghurt.

For lunch we once again ventured out to softplay, and George ate quite a lot of pizza and then finished off his friends pasta in tomato sauce. He also ate a few chunky potato chip pieces too.

Supper was mainly about half a yummy pineapple, but dh gave him a couple of chunks of some hideous looking and smelling sausage - I wasn't impressed tbh! Yuck!


Mel x

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

A new kind of pie & mixed bean pate

Tuesday 10th April

Dh did breakfast this morning again, despite being back at work! Bananas X2! Total lack of imagination!!!

For lunch I made mixed bean pate served on toast, some tomatoes and handfuls of raspberries and blackberries!

I was attempting to make mini quiche for supper, but realised too late I was out of eggs! I made shortcrust pastry pies filled with mushroom, peas, mini leeks and ham (I know, I know, shock horror!!) All served in a yummy thick cheese sauce. I will post the recipe tomorrow! George ate 4 - and even MIL had one when she came to babysit and approved!


Mel x

ps - an ambition was met tonight. I went to Old Trafford to watch the match, and finally saw Francesco Totti in real life *swoon* - I can die happy now!!!!

Monday, 9 April 2007


Easter Monday 2007

dh has once more been in charge of all todays meals, and so another mixed bag!

Breakfast was at least 1 banana and some berries (i think!)

Lunch was a massive bowl and a half of pasta with the extra special hidden broccoli pasta sauce and a handful of grated cheese (obviously mixed in and melted as grated cheese is bad in George's world). He ate it like he hadn't eaten in weeks!

For supper dh attempted boiled eggs and toast, but George only wanted the toast. Some egg was only eaten when crushed and spread on the toast! lol. He also had some naspotti - although the spelling is probably wrong. I also don't know what the English name is, this is what we called them in Nepal. They are like a cross between an apple and a pear - yummy! The Nepalese ones are nicer, but it is a bit far to go for fruit!


Mel x

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Al fresco lunch, Ugli fruit & family "do"

Easter Sunday 2007

George had two breakfasts today!! DH gave him a couple of bananas and four massive strawberries. When I got up (lol) he then made me croissants. My poor starved man stole over half of one of my croissants, so dh did me a third, which George also tried to steal. He easily had a whole croissant in the end!

For lunch he tried an ugli fruit (I did say watch this space!!), which to me tasted like sour orange but that in no way put George off! He also ate a large selection of berries. He also had a small (sweet apparently) skinned pepper stuffed with philly. I think if the pepper was roasted off he would do better with it. It is a slight lie that he ate al he ate in the kitchen then sat out with us whilst we had a bbq. But it was lovely!

In the afternoon we went to George's Great Auntie Mary's for a family do. George got lots of easter presents, although thankfully not much chocolate! We took no-one nothing (eek).

Happy Easter Everyone


Mel x

Saturday, 7 April 2007

2 meals out in one day!

Saturday 7th April

Breakfast, just to prove a point by dh i think, was 2 bananas and some strawberries.

We then went into town and after a shopping trip we stopped for lunch at Chez Gerrard. George has a delicious lunch of french bread and prunes from the produce market!

We were off to my friend's birthday meal this evening, a conveniently timed meal at 5pm! We ordered George penne pasta with chicken meatballs, he ate the pasta but the meatballs went on the floor! He also ate quite a bit of dh & my pizzas (mozzarella, tomato & pesto) too, and drunk a whole beaker of water! He also entertained everyone with his smiles, and won a whole host of admirers! lol


Mel x

Friday, 6 April 2007

Beefburgers & Hot Cross Buns

Good Friday

After being reassured about bananas, George had another for his breakfast today! He also had a pear dipped into natural yoghurt, as he seemed to like that on our mini-break.

Lunch was leftover pasta and sauce from last night, and he loved it, even the reheated pasta! I feel I am on to a winner there! The sauce I made has frozen into 5 portions, and then 2 fresh ones means 7 in total (mathematical genius I know!!), which I think is a bargain!

Whilst I was being naughty and pigging out today I shared a small piece of hot cross bun with George. He seemed to like it, but my sugar paranoia took over, and he only had a tiny bit! Not 3 days ago I was saying how babies don't need this sort of thing in their diet - hypocracy is a wonderful thing eh?

But, the grand finale of the day.....was dh's homemade organic beef burners. Which he made himself, fried and topped with homemade tomato sauce (blended tomato) and cheese. George ate 3, and finished off the meal with an orange - his new favorite!


Mel x

ps - Have a series of wierd and wonderful fruits to try George out on from our new local fruit & veg stall - watch this space!

A New Pasta Sauce!

Maunday Thursday 5th April

Breakfast was the ever present banana and a piece of bread & butter.

Lunch was very odd, we were out on a BC meet over lunch, but there was too much going on for George to even consider eating. When we got home he was asleep, so he slept through his usual lunchtime. At about 2.30 he eventually had some cheese and cherry tomatoes!

For supper I got adventerous with the hidden broccoli pasta sauce, and put a lot in, a lot more than usual (about half a big head of broccoli) as well as some frozen peas and onion & garlic. Once it was blended down I then added best part of a tin of lentils. Dh said he ate a huge bowl full. Yipee!


Mel x

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Too Many Bananas????

Wednesday 4th April

Breakfast was a banana and some dates. Someone from my BB contacted me to say there may be a concern over having too many bananas. I have done some research, and it appears the only risk is if you have kidney disease. If anyone knows or finds out anything different would you please let me know. Thanks.

Lunch was a slightly less risky spinach & philly pancakes - 4 of them!!!

Supper was some cherry tomatoes and a philly and lentil sandwich. I know I know that is too much philly in one day, but whilst we had just done a shop the bags all needed emptying and it was quick, easy & unpacked. I will try harder tomorrow!


Mel x


Tuesday 3rd April

The last day of our mini-break *sob*

George had another great breakfast of mini croissant, yoghurt & fruit and a sausage.

Lunch, in Stow-in-the-Wold was in a great tea room, and was a selection of bread & butter, some cheese and some grapes.

We travelled home after lunch, with George missing his 4.30 bf with no issues at all, and he had supper at home of bananas and a few bits and bobs!


Mel x

Blenheim Palace

Monday 2nd April

George had a mini croissant, some fruits and berries with cotswold yoghurt and some toast for breakfast! Our hotel is great!

Lunch was in the wonderful surroundings of Blenheim Palace, and was largely packed lunch cherry tomatoes (about 12), but with a few dates and some bread roll too.

Supper was bananas - well, his body might go into shock if we cut them out totally! I bought some ham & philly too, but the bananas were too popular and 2 were eaten very quickly!


Mel x


Sunday 1st April

Well we finally made it on our mini-break, we are staying in the Cotswold House Hotel, and it is wonderful.

As the cupboard was a bit bare George had breakfast at home of a pear, a pan fried apple and some toast.

We had a late lunch in Chipping Campden, and George largely threw a cheese and tomato sandwich around the tea rooms. They had no highchairs, so dh & I were both covered too! |Not much was actually eaten by George though.

For supper dh gave George some of the bits I had bought with us, but overall he didn't really eat any supper. Not great eh!


Mel x