Friday, 23 March 2007

The Whitworth Art Gallery

Friday 23rd May

Breakfast was an assortment of berries with a massive banana!

For lunch George & I went to the Whitworth Art Gallery with L & C and their mummy's. The boys played for a bit then we had lunch. George monopolised the only high chair, and ate best part of a pear, the left over bit of C's banana and half a ton of bread (yummy Chorlton Deli bread) with olives & herbs in spread with butter! We ended up ordering 3 orders of bread!

Supper was butternut squash and some more berries. I am VERY proud to say that he is now doing the sign for more completely properly - yay!


Mel x

ps - I have added a link to a new article I have found. It isn't strictly on BLW but it is very interesting. x


pun said...

Hi girls,
Only caught up with news just now but glad Baby G's back to his usual bouncy self.
i discovered Bubs definately has preference for fruits as well;her days must consists of a pear,banana and as many peeled grapes as i care to give her,plus whatever we happen to be having that day.
I read the link re weaning on different flavours and i absolutely agree;my eldest was weened per textbook and now has very bland tastbuds (though we're trying hard to reeducate!),hence really excited to experiment new stuff on bubs.
SLINGS:i'd like to get a baby sling/wrap/papoose(?) as i find it cumbersome having to lug the buggy out even for short journeys (pushchair+tiny hallway+steps=staying in!);,does anyone use one that they would recommend? I particularly like the ones that looks just like a peice of cloth but not sure if they are easy to use and safe/strong enough. I saw a mum using one in tesco's and wanted to follow her down the aisle to ask but she was surprisingly agile compared to my wobbly trolley!
ps Bub has been sleeping for longer (yeah!) but seems more restless (boo!) as been needing more comforting during her sleep;has anyone noticed the same?Bub is now 7 1/2 months old.
Yiuyiu x

Mel_x said...

Thanks hun!

I think the article just makes perfect sense, especially as I happen to think baby rice is the food of the devil. George loved the samosas i made the other day, but i guess people would think I was bonkers feeding them to a 9.5 month old!

I have a ring sling which I use for shortish trips and for airports! I find it really mega easy to use. I know a lot of people recomment the my tie (but my spelling is way off!). The ring sling is very easy indeed, and there are lots of different ways to carry bubs in it, on your back, hip, front etc. I bought mine off ebay for £20, from a shop, she makes them in 3 lengths & in all different colours too. Think it is roo baby - but something to do with kangeroos in any case!

George's sleep went a bit haywire over Christmas, I was on my knees. It may be an age thing, he would have been around the same age then!


Mel x