Wednesday, 28 March 2007

A very hungry boy!

Wednesday 28th March

Dh did all meals today as part of his week at home experience! Breakfast was a banana and some strawberries.

Lunch was a massive portion of my soya bolognaise and pasta shells with a bit of grated cheese, and he ate the lot. Lunch was late though as we had a photographer round - I got a bit hijacked though as there were so many nice ones I spent a fortune on them!

Supper was a slice of toast & philly, an orange, some raspberries and a few more strawberries!


Mel x

ps - we are supposed to be staying in a swanky hotel tonight but I am too poorley! Grrr. Maybe tomorrow?


Jeasmin said...

You must post some pictures!

What's the occ re fancy hotel - your birthday? Not that you need a reason considering the fab job you are doing with G!

Mel_x said...

just a break. Dh been working like a demon & we just thought we needed a treat!

How typical for me to be too sick to go!


Mel x

ps - thanks hun x

Jeasmin said...

hope you get better soon

jeasmin x