Saturday, 10 March 2007

Vegetable Samosas & a new find!

Saturday 10th March

dh, who had to go to work today (boo) had to rush to Asda to get emergancy bananas for breakfast today! He also bought a punnet of blackberries, which George ate save for four!

Lunch was 4 of my small samosas - again, I have a pic, but with the laptop probs I will have to try and post later! I used the basis of the Jennie Whatever-her-name-is recipe, but with some variations which imho made them easier for George to deal with.

Supper was baked butternut squash, 1/4 a mango the 4 blackberries left over from breakfast and then some of my new find! I found what is called "fridge fruit", I got the peach slices. It is like tinned fruit, but with no added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives or flavours. They are in a plastic jar and stay in your fridge - my latest handy stand by! woo hoo!


Mel x

ps - my blog must be good, do you know not only are lots of people reading it but my articles are being copied by others! Just remember girls - you read it here 1st! x


Sylke said...

Love your blog! I am doing a mixture of BLW and giving loads of fruit purees. Basically I am always starting with proper food and when LO gets tired he gets the easy choice. It's so surprising what he likes and dislikes! Plain carrot purée? Eurgh! Carrot sticks or peas steamed with butter and garlic? Hm, much better! Peas in curry sauce? Yum!!! It's so much easier finding something to eat for LO this way as well!!!

Jo said...

I hope they are paying you commission Mel! lol

Mel_x said...


eating out seems so much easier to me too! It is amazing what you can find on a menu to feed your lo when you are out! I find side veg orders invaluable - and Manchester's love of bread & hummus is a life saver at times! lol.


the blooming well ought to be! lol


Mel x