Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Tuna Sandwich

Wednesday 14th March

Breakfast was the usual banana, more pomegranet and a load of prunes (it is like living with Oliver as he is asking for more all the time).

Lunch was some cubes of cheese, some tomatoes and a pear. The cheese didn't prove very populat tbh, even though it was organic red leicester which he usually likes.

Supper (fed to him by gran) was a tuna & philly sandwich. He totally refused the tuna chunks on their own. He wasn't impressed but he did eat some of it. He had most of the remaining fridge fruit for dessert.


Mel x

ps - i think George has a problem with kiwi - he has refused it twice now. Hmmmmm, I have read this is possible but not seen it in action before, clever boy!


pun said...

Hi Mel,
I'm Mum to 7 month old Maya and very excited to have stumbled onto your site and BLW; it just seems so natural and makes so much sense! Have just read all your Dec and Jan entries and would like some advice:
1) do you steralise all Baby G's equipment? I still do so religiously but I'm kinda thinking some germs are not a bad thing...?
2) Prunes:dried ones or tinned ones?
3)Philly:is this philadelphia cheese?
4)how much is the table mat from blooming marvelous?

I'd appreciate your replies and just to say well done;I don't know where you get the energy or the time but I'm glad you did!:)
ps judging by how much your little man eats i think i've been starving my bub by only giving her 3 small servings of goo a day plus endless BFs!!Sob sob : (
Regards,Yiuyiu x
pps hope you're feeling better

Mel_x said...

Hi Yiuyiu,

wow - I am glad we have helped out a bit! BLW is just so great, I hope you you think so too! Let's have a go at answering your queries:

1. I steralise nothing! I think some germs are good for the immune system, and he eats everything in site (or chews it) so I cannnot steralise everything. I wash his mat / cups etc in hot water with an anti-bac liquid, but that is all.

2. dried ready to eat ones.

3. it is yes! We would be lost without it!

4. I think it was about £12 ish - but with leftover pg brain I cannot remember for sure!

I do think George is a bit out there with his volume of food tbh, but a bf baby won't overeat (I have asked anyone going!) so I just keep offering food until he refuses.

hth a little, feel free to ask any more questions.


Mel x