Monday, 5 March 2007

Soya Bolognaise and a plate!

Monday 5th March

dh did breakfast this morning, after a mad dash to the shop as we had nothing in at all! George had a banana and some strawberries!

Lunch was a bit of a rush today as I decided to take him to baby clinic, so he had bread & philly and a tomato.

The real treat of the day was supper! Not only did I make a yummy bolognaise style sauce for pasta with corgettes, shallots and soya mince in it, but it was served up on George's new plate! I bought a set of little plastic plates in Ikea today which suction to his tommee tippee plate holder. They are much easier for him to eat out of than a bowl! He chose today to have the orange one - what does that say about him I wonder! lol.

He finished the meal with a load of blueberries and some strawbs! Clever little man is getting better with his sign for "more" too. How typical of my son that this is the first sign he learns! lol

I will try and edit and add a picture, but with the technical problems I have I may not succeed!


Mel x

edit - here is the picture at last!


Billy's Mummy said...

Isnt it amazing how they can communicate things, Will stops dead during his dinner and puts his arms up strangely it means he wants a drink!

Thanks for fruit advice x

Mel_x said...

I hope it helps!

George should get his 1st sign certificate this week at tiny talk - v proud mummy moment!


Mel x