Monday, 26 March 2007

Oranges & Baby Pies!

Monday 26th March

Breakfast was the obligatory banana, a plum (which he was significantly less enthusiastic about when not served by M's mummy) and some dates.

Dh was home for lunch and was there to help George enjoy my baby pies and a couple of delicious smelling organic tomatoes!

Supper was 3/4 of an orange, a big slice of crusty bread & butter and a handful of strawberries.

I have also added in some new pics of George, the spring one was taken this morning in the garden. I have also added the pic of him and his plate in the 5th March entry! Now the laptop is working again I will try harder with the pics!


Mel x


Jeasmin said...

Hi Mel,

Nice to see pics of baby G. He is growing isn't he? Is he walking or standing by leaning against the door? My lo loves standing up by leaning against things, i.e. cot, chair. Can't wait for her to walk. Wasn't weather fab today? All those trips to the park - can't wait!

How did your lo cope with the time change? Hannah was a very good girl and ate and slept at her normal times in the new time (iykwim), incl bedtime, which was I was rather proud!

Also, my lo is approaching her 8 month and I have noticed a huge change in her eating. She is really eating much more. All BLW'ers - keep preserving, they do get better. I didn't really believe it when i other mums said that on the BC site, but it's TRUE!

Sorry for long post!

Jeasmin xx

Mel_x said...

Hi Hun,

He is pretty much off, will walk holding anything, even pushing his laundry basket across the room. V cute indeed, but scary, where did the time go?

Time change was not too bad tbh, and George is now sleeping to 7.30 again! yay.

Glad to hear the BLW is going sooooo well - well done you!


Mel x