Sunday, 4 March 2007

Meal chaos - a bit too much bread again I think!

Sunday 4th March

The cupboards are very empty today, so breakfast was some bread & philly and a plum.

We were out meeting baby Ysabelle today, so George had lunch out. He ate a banana (no suprise there) but was unimpressed by the dragon fruit, cheese, tomato & grapes he also had on his tray. I think Ysabelles brother and sister were too interesting.

We got home late after visiting other friends, and with still bare cupboards I had to resort to pittas and hummus. So way too much bread today, but it was either that or no supper. Bad mummy.


Mel x


Jo said...


What do you think of the dragon fruits. We've tried some recently and I can't decide whether I like them or not?

Mel_x said...

I really liked them when I tried them 1st in Hong Kong, but the ones I have tried since have been a bit bland. Not sure where they come from in our shops but I wonder if they loose something in the travelling?

I think they look so cool though!


Mel x