Tuesday, 13 March 2007

A huge appetite!

Tuesday 13th March

George appears to have been on an eating mission today. Breakfast was a huge banana, a crumpet and some dried apricots.

Lunch was 2/3 of a parsnip, 1/2 a baked apple with sultanas, some baked carrot, some pear and some of the fridge fruit peach slices!

Then, after his swimming today for dinner he ate 9 (yes 9!!!) of the veggie samosas and some cherry tomatoes. He really must have hollow legs!


Mel x

ps - I have made it to p2 of google now if you search "baby led weaning" - yay!!!

pps - Please have a look at the breastfeeding manifesto - http://www.breastfeedingmanifesto.org.uk/ - I think this is a wonderful opportunity to really help bf in this country! x

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